Revolution Number Nine

Now, let's see if I (the american) can reach into my cultural steam trunk and fish around for an example of American Exceptionalism. Ah, here it is... Alright, who's been shitting on The Constitution again. Why, the Preamble has a most putrid smell emanating from the brownish smudges that I believe were words at one time.

Is it me? I can no longer tolerate the level of discourse that passes for wisdom in this willfully ignorant nation. WE THE PEOPLE have little or no conception of the reasons we allow governments to be established in the first place. (hint hint: it is not to protect corporations and confuse it with foreign policy.) The stain of complacency, greed and fear has reduced US THE PEOPLE to the role of spectator and a number to be taxed because, face it folks, we are delusional; content in our false belief of greatness and virtue.

Scratched into the drying excrement that covers the first paragraph of The Constitution is:

"New Preamble"
We, the corporate overlords and our lackeys and psychophants, in order to form a more orderly society for our continuing benefit hold that governments must be created to legitimize our plutocratic authority, establish pay as you go, we'll make it up as we go Justice, insure domestic Tranquility by surveillance, random searching, expanding police powers and private security, provide that the commoners in the armed forces will Defend american corporate global interests until they too our privatized, promote the general Welfare by relabeling it special Welfare and using it to enable american corporate global interests, and secure for ourselves the Blessings of Tyranny by mortgaging our posterity and leaving the bill for the people's children and grandchildren and they can secure their own liberties after taxes. We also ordain and establish the right to make shit up and call it defending the Constitution for the USA.

There really are not many options left to us at this late juncture. A "storming the Bastille" moment is needed, yet highly unlikely. Our government has forsaken its people and any pretense of our "noble and just" position in the world is pure crap. The source of our greatness is raw, naked and brutal power. This is compounded by a ruling class that is devoid of originality and a host of lackeys who are quite frankly incompetent. We are definitely in for some interesting times. The elephant, bear, bull and donkey will leave quite a mess before they are through. My hope is that there will be something left. I believe we are at an evolutionary branch where our species' survival will rest on the degree of damage our desperate masters leave in the wake of their demise. The "Resources War" phase of the "Great World War" has begun and I don't believe anyone has noticed.

"You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world."


PHD plus one: And Two Criminal Events Later

There was a time when I took information at face value and went along for the ride. This was and remains the most damaging of reckless behaviors and one in which I quit "cold turkey" a year before I took up less damaging reckless behaviors. I bring this up to remind, yeah right, to educate a nation of Ignoramus' (if that is at all possible.) The policies of the US government in its global relations with Japan (thwarting Japanese imperialism while expanding US imperialism) were the primary causes for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 65 years ago. Euro-US imperialism was and continues to be driven by racism and xenophobia.

WTF question # 1.) Compare and contrast the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with the US invasion/occupation of Iraq in 2003.

WTF question # 2.) If you voted for Bush in 2004 and you still believe he is a competent president, why should you be allowed to ever vote again, let alone breed or, Zeus help us, raise a family? If you've changed your mind about this vote of yours in 2004, then you can go fuck yourself because you are a lazy thinker, if you think at all. What convinced you that you fucked up?

WTF question # 3.) What is more important, SECURITY or LIBERTY? why?

WTF question # 4.) Make two lists of the reasons (justifications) for this administration's invasion/occupation of Iraq. Label the first one "Official" and label the second list "An educated guess or something I pulled out of my ass."

WTF question # 5.) Based upon correct responses and well reasoned essays from the questions above, why in the hell are the people who are responsible for this mother of all clusterfucks still making decisions instead of being impeached and jailed for war crimes?

People, I don't want to play this game anymore. You have been deluded into believing that this is the greatest nation to have ever been in all of history. I know this because I just graded your WTF test and your critical thinking skills are minimal, your knowledge of history is pathetic, and your acquiescence in destroying the Constitution and perverting the Golden Rule makes you one ignorant prick. This ignorance coupled with an insanely rabid arrogance is the most disturbing feature of the 25%ers. It is not ok to be stupid. It is terrifying to take pride in your stupidity.


In the Name of Love

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour the guns were silenced and the world became still. The fall of the monarchies was complete and Old Europe was destroyed. Will the capitalists death rattle doom a planet? Sadly, yes...

I fear this as much as I fear a cage. I would gladly accept a cage to avoid this. I may end up in a cage because of it. There is an inevitability about this scenario that is beyond the most fervent hoping, wishing and praying. There is also a sense of karmic justice to it also. A superpower ruled and populated by the willfully ignorant can not remain so for any lengthy period of historical time without history extracting its just due. A nation born under hypocrisy and nurtured with myth will succumb to nature no matter how energetic her citizens are. Ironically, because of the myth and the buried immorality of this "god-fearing" nation, the end will assuredly surprise its denizens.

So, keep punching that clock and watching that tube because it doesn't get any better than this. The rats will start leaving the ship soon and that will be the final clue that the house of cards is falling. It won't be pretty by any measure as the ensuing chaos will surely spread and engulf the planet in a maelstrom of violence as nations splinter into factions and survival becomes paramount.

The question remains as to when, for the how has been determined. This, my friends, can not be answered with precision. In fact, an alternative outcome would be the rise of a perfected fascism as a sort of corporate feudalism whereby the splintering of the large nations would entail loyalty or servitude to a corporation, trust or, god help us, a church, cult, etc... I don't even want to bring nuclear weapons into my analysis just yet, because the thought of Pepsi nuking Coke just boggles my brain.

I have to stop this doomsaying before it begins to effect my psyche and I begin to talk to myself.

"What's that, you say you want to preserve your sanity?"

"Well, yes, I think."



Where is the Horse and the Rider?

So... it has come to this. The end run past the popular will should not be a surprise to anyone who breathes. Freedom's just another word for Slavery. In our minds we grasp the daily distortion and know at our deepest level of subconscious that something is terribly wrong. We all feel it; there is no escape from our national psychosis. We have leaders who fiddle as Rome burns and in the depths of their souls they know no other alternative. They feel the approaching doom and waste little countenance on it. After all, it is they who create our reality and in a world commanded by the perfect idiots there are no flaws in this reality. There are no questions. There is no introspection. There is a course that is set and there will be no deviation.

I have walked this path before. It is altogether horrifying anyway for this road leads to a precipice that isn't discriminate. Dark paths emerge as the world ebbs into darkness. Who will survive retrograde and devolution? Stagnation, decay and corruption are the standards of our time and we consume.

The tipping point is here. Will the inhuman 25% drag us into their apocalypse? Sadly, I am of little faith. I have no sense of belonging to this place or time. We are walking through wet cement and we believe it to be normal. I'd pray for your souls if it wouldn't drive me to despair. My belief in a just and merciful god was destroyed long ago. Power has won and with this I am truly and finally amused. The irony of authoritative rule will be lost on them; even to the end.


Too long Away from the Fray

Wow, I just looked and saw how long it has been; fuck it. I write when I want and that is that. Well, I expected the shit to come down someday and it is going as planned. My friends, I am alone and I am a son of a bitch when I am alone. Mom, forgive me. Fuck these arrogant republican assholes in their fucking backsides.
I usually reserve indifference for my not-so-close friends. Hate is reserved for final scenes. The crime family formerly known as the republicans has incurred all the wrath I have previously reserved for that most wholesome of family values groups (the mafia.) Hell, I can't tell the fucking difference. Big, little men-children who think they rule the world. What a pathetic group. Your families die as you do; in a state of nothingness. Your women breed chafe. Your BIG ideas mean diddley-squat in the course of things.
How many made men does it take to screw a light bulb? All of them, because they never met anything as bright or as clever. Fuck you GUMBAS; plague upon anything Italian. You deserve your rich ivory caskets. Your satin lined cuffs for your severed hands. Your Cadillacs filled with bullets. Your funerals brightly lit by other crooks. Your noses broken and filled with the scent of ambrosia. Your knees capped and golden.
The Englishmen are doomed as you have been.
Time takes its time...


Bag of Tricks

Growing up in L.A. during the 60s taught me the value of illusion and how insular my world was. Almost everything I believed and trusted has been slowly purged from my consciousness in the decades since. The late 60s were amazing from my perspective. The music alone was enough to occupy me and in 1968-69 I had a teacher who unscrewed the top of my head and opened my mind to an invisible world beyond the concrete barriers of sense. I loved this teacher and had no clue that I did at that time because I was her foil. I hated her at times. She "picked on" me. I spent more time in detention with her than all of the other seven grade school years combined. She found faults in me that amaze me to this day. I would argue with her about silly little things on a constant basis for no other reason than to be her opposite. I would show her. In retrospect, I have never been so wrong about a person in my whole life.

Two things happened that year in Miss Brunner's 6th grade English class. The first was alluded to earlier and, with the exception of the many elective and extra curricular activities of high school which I loved, those were the most enjoyable days I have ever had in a classroom as a student. It was towards the end of the school year when she introduced a unit on figurative language and my mind forgot that I resented this tiny little red haired teacher and I discovered a spectrum of colors in the written word. I hung on her every utterance. Then, the unit ended and we went back to tenses or pronouns or some other equally "exciting" lesson and I resumed my role as Loki to her Thor.

Which brings me to the second event. I don't know to this day if she planned it or not but she trapped me with my own bravado. I don't even recall the nature of the argument but at one point she issued a challenge to me she knew I could not decline no matter how abhorrent. Pride, peer pressure, face, and , yes, honor were at stake. All the cards were on the table. She offered me the "chance" to prove how "easy" her job was by assigning me a day to teach in place of her. Her prey fell into the trap with ease and I spent the next few days preparing for my day in the sun. I have completely blacked out all memory of the lesson I taught except to note that it was the happiest I had ever seen her. Sitting in my desk and smiling while I suffered through the agony of my fall and the loss of my soul. She stopped me about half way through and gave the class free time. As I was erasing the chalk board she came up to me and told me that I did a good job and she gave me one of her bookmarks with a gold star on it.

I wish I could see her now and tell her "Thank You." Instead I will gaze at the stars and remember her for what she is still teaching me.


Take the Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the bar code of the United States of Amway, and to the oligarchy for which we serve, one world under the jack boot of the multinationals, with hate and fear for all.

Corporations win when they lose... always.

Riding til the Bell

Well, I just missed another birthday; mine. Seems I turned 50 a few days back and no one noticed. Oh, wait, yes the company that insures my car sent me a card; I've never met my agent but the two girls she has working for her are very nice. Anyway, this birthday brought no new revelations or earth shattering epiphanies so I guess I can catalog it with all of the previous ones and move on. However, a milestone like this deserves a pat on the back at a minimum because I truly did not think I would ever make it half as far. In this spirit I am going to spend the next half century doing exactly the same things that got me through the last half century. If you were expecting me to make a list of my sins here you are sadly mistaken. I am, as I was, still... a private person with passions that run the gamut from enriching to perverse and that is all that I will say.
Oh, a timer bell has rung somewhere in this box I call home. It is either the dryer, the stove, the front door or my "beer in the freezer" bell so I have to run. (I hope it's the one for my frosty libation as I am a bit parched from all of this scribbling I make myself do.)


"Boom Boom"

I will vote if Obama is on either Edward's ticket or if Gore runs. Otherwise, I will do as I have done in every presidential election except one; vote for the socialist/communist/anarchist/satanist/wiccan/dirty fucking hippy/none of the above.
The one time since 1976 when I voted for a dem was 1988 because I had a deep concern about electing St. Ronnie's hatchetman (see October Surprise.) What was Dukakis thinking when he rode around in the commander's cupola of that tank. Oh well, past history... It still makes me laugh to this day.
If "Dick" Cheney gets away with his 4th branch thingy, we'll have Obama as our imperial vice president. The thought of this makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. Hey, it's just a saying. You questioning my macho manliness? If so, then we will meet at daybreak at the base of the monument dedicated to Hamilton / 10.

Encyclopedias at ten paces.



Drip... Mountains crumble and wash to the sea and we shrug our shoulders, bow our heads and follow along the path for no other reason than that is where everyone else is going. Drip... There is only one absolute Truth; change occurs indifferently. Drip...The arrogance of homo sapiens lies in believing that we our masters of our environment and the future can be manipulated. Drip...

Drip... I despise exceptionalism. Drip... The roots of moral decay are nourished with the blood spilled in it's fervor. Drip... We are trapped in that tragical moment when we learned and understood our DOOM. Drip...

Drip... Some questions have no answers. Drip... Some answers are so repellent that we inherently purge them from our collective souls. Drip... Race memory is biological not sociological. Drip...


Happy Birthday Mom

For 11 years I have missed you. Your memory lives within me and I think of you and Dad and the others who have gone with fondness, love and tears. Happy Day...
Love, Bobby


Born Under a Bad Sign

"Well, I've been down so goddamned long, that It looks like up to me..." It is now well past the time of surrealistic fade-ins and fade-outs. I have reached the limit on what I now perceive to be a most foul air. I have to question my own thought processes when I look around and see a nation struggling with "war fatigue." Al Quaeda (the bogeyman) is back in force and everywhere in Iraq (just how the hell did they get into Iraq? Oh, yeah, we suckered them in after we outed one of their prime enemies.) Yes, I question my own senses these days because in all my years I have never, ever seen a group, cabal, syndicate, crew, mob, gang or political party operate with such wilfull ignorance on a deplorably consistent basis about, well, fucking everything.

There is no possible way that a person (with advisors and experts helping formulate each policy) could sink to the level of incompetence that Smirkey the Chimperor has even with a million other chimps banging away on keyboards. None... So, in the absence of the impossible we must tend with what is possible and the only explanation that can even begin to solve this problem is even more loathsome than the misery we have witnessed. For in my past analysis I made the error of assuming that incompetence and hubris were the major contributing factors to explain the swath of destruction that emerged from every policy decision this administration has made. Also, I just can't seem to shake this image of the shithead smirking and joking as if he didn't give a shit about the trainwrecks he casually passes on his way to destiny. Don't get me wrong, Shrub is incompetent and a narcissistic blowhard, but the smell emanating from the white house is not that of failure. No it is a much fouler miasma wafting downwind upon America.

The oligarchs have found themselves with their most perfect set of cronies and underlings since
Smedley Butler exposed their last grab at the golden ring. The thugs, fixers, moles and stooges assembled to do their master's bidding is downright macabre. Within 18 months there will be one supreme fuck up that will have all America in awe of this administration as the government slowly grinds to a halt and is immersed in a tub under the running faucet of largess, cronyism and beauracratic incompetence. This is what is in place at this moment. The only functioning part, besides the security and police functions of the Executive will be the Justice department, and this will only operate until they have burned every document, book, pamphlet that contradicts the new world order (corporate statism.)

I could see the trappings of this in Nixon's days and could easily predict the end of the republic at that time. The bloodless coup of the Weimer government in Germany was but a dress rehearsal for the industrialists, financiers, capitalists, etc... The Prescotts and the Walkers were playing the game by its new rules and these rules are not bound by ideology or other such emotional sideshows. No, it is pragmatic in its beliefs and unstoppable in its ravenous hunger for more and more and more. 21st century wars will be exclusively about resources and will be fought less and less by standing armies and more by corporate mercenaries. the new game is the crux of capitalist evolution and the multinational corporation is the entity which will usher in the stateless society.

Read the preamble to the Constitution to get a hint of what I believe to be the only logical explanation for the almost daily manifestation of malfeasance by this repub administration. Now, keep in mind that these are the founder's justifications for having a government.
I think you will agree that the government we have today in no way even pays lip service to The Preamble. Government was thought of, and still is by a good majority of us, as a necessary evil. There are some societal, economic and political functions that must be regulated to insure fairness, health and security. They must be impartial and non partisan in their tasks. This is not an area where you want the private sector to gain a foothold as they have in the last 30 plus years. The rethugs told us they were going to "drown the baby in the bath tub" and damn if they aren't one crises or two away from achieving it.

1. To establish Justice. Simple enough, fair rules punished consistently with consideration given for unique circumstances. Also, a need for an impartial settling of disputes. The authority given by the people to the state to act upon behaviors which are harmful to people.

2. Insure Domestic Tranquility. Governments rule by consent and to ensure confidence they must adhere to maintaining an environment that is safe and where its citizens are free from tyranny and persecution. Safe at home, work and play.

3. Provide for the Common Defense. This is basically calling on the citizens to serve in a militia organized by the national government so that any invasion upon the soil of the US would be thwarted with minimal loss of life. Defense is a word that speaks volumes about the nature of violence. DEFENSE...

4. Promote the General Welfare.
A government must also provide for its less fortunate in their times of need. Today, we would also include education and health care as these will promote and bolster a citizen's sense of caring for all Americans. A truly free and noble nation is one in which there is concern and care for the weakest and the poorest so that they are clothed and fed at the minimum and a place to stay is provided until such time as they can once again contribute to the greater good.

5. Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity. By adhering to the above policies by providing a fair and equal footing for all citizens liberty is nourished. The enemy of liberty is uncontrolled power and unchecked authority. If the overly ambitious were left to regulate themselves without checks then liberty would soon be replaced by fear and greed and it would only be a matter of time until the Constitution itself would be worthless. No generation is allowed to mortgage the future for any reason without a means to repay their posterity.

So, in order to create this nation the individual states had to relinquish most of their sovereign power to a central authority, the national government. The states agreed that a federal system was truly a more perfect form of government than the previous one and wisely determined that the newly formed nation would require a centralized control of policy. This, my friends, was the apex of The Enlightenment.

An argument can be attempted by making a general sweeping view that The Enlightenment was a period of intellectual growth in science, politics, philosophy, music, art, literature, etc... such that for the first time the church, and to a lesser part, Royalty, was not a dominant part of a major social and intellectual movement. The people of The Enlightenment had liberated themselves from papal and royal authority and were answerable only to empirical truth in their questioning of the world around them. Liberty was valued because of the inherent qualities of truth that freed people from the narrow minded dogmatic and despotic authority that had previously ruled their minds and bodies. The non-secular version of the world was born anew and despite the continuous assault on liberty by the modern day equivalents of the papacy (church) and aristocracy it has endured. I stand in awe of just how extraordinary the makers of this nation were. I stand in utter contempt of the people who use fear and hatred to usurp our liberty in their hyper-ambition to consume more and more of everything as if the Earth was a giant game of monopoly and its inhabitants pawns to be used until sacrificed or destroyed just so that they may have more shiny beads than their neighbor.

GW is no child of The Enlightenment. The power structures in most countries are patterned similar to corporate businesses with variations here and there and the odd exception that proves nothing except that the first world has not found anything to exploit there. The Enlightenment as a guiding human idea was supplanted by Imperialism and thus we have money and power replacing truth as the wars for resources begin.

What? You thought we were fighting them over there so we wouldn't have to fight them here. What? You thought we were bringing democracy to the barbaric people of the Middle East. What? You thought Saddam Hussein had WMDs and he was days or weeks from launching them on our cities. What? You thought that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the attack on the WTC on 9/11/2001. If for some reason you believed any of the these excuses for sending troops to Iraq then you are either a lazy thinker, ignorant or a mouth breathing Fundie who couldn't think himself out of a paper bag unless someone told him how.

Fucking god damn you righteous pieces of shit. Your god is such a cry baby loser, and you his chosen people, the cry baby hypocrites who love their brothers as long as they are white and who love the baby jeebus so much. Kiss my ass you haters. There is nothing admirable about being stupid, so just shut the fuck up for once in your life. Step back and truly see what it is you think you are doing. Who are the liars and the thieves? Find them and you have found your enemy. Hint: it is not the Mexicans or the Blacks...


Teach Your Children

Surprise, Surprise... Libby has been freed from serving his prison sentence. You know, I just can't fathom the nuances (it has to be mental unbalance) of the rethuglican mind. What do I call the last thirty years? A TRAIN WRECK. What little good that has been accomplished by this nation (and I really don't consider getting rich noble or beneficial) has been utterly wiped out, pissed on, pissed away, shit on, left out in the rain, sleet, sun, snow, fucked over, fucked under, FUBAR, etc... and etc...

Let's see, two dem presidents, both from the south, what the hell is up with that? I seem to recall that those "states righters" lost that war. Never underestimate the power of a goober. Where was I, oh yeah... 1976 we get Carter, a very conscientious man and intelligent. Unfortunately he didn't kiss the right congress critters ass and he played "this old man" until Iran revolted and we took the Shah in and then his jig was up. Reagan and Bush I helped that along, but I'm explaining the dem party's executive shortcomings, not SOP rethug strategy (see lying, cheating and stealing for starters.) 1992, after four years of Bush I and eight goddamned years of St. Ronnie the drug store truck driving man, we get Clinton. Another intelligent man, and bonus, he knows how to press the flesh (sorry, I couldn't help it.) He's also a man who will say and do anything to remain popular with any large group. His biggest accomplishments are what he doesn't do (dismantling phase one of rethug manipulations.) For Ra's sake, he actually helped their agenda along. I wept when NAFTA was pushed through and I watched as disgruntled groups made their bones and "domestic terrorism" crept into our homes via the idiot box.

So, you see, while we were being slowly asphyxiated by rethugs for the past 30 plus years, the dems did nothing but loosen the garrote, so our pain and woe could be prolonged. I wrote a piece in October, 2001, where I state that it would almost be better if the rethugs kept office permanently as the dems are so slicked up also that the inevitable outcome, corporate statism, would only arrive sooner. 2006, we saw the dems seal electoral victory and what happens? samo samo. Damn, I'm tired of this crap. You would think that somebody would stand up to the rethugs and finally put this crime syndicate out of business. It's not like these guys are even trying to hide it anymore. Oh well, go back to picking presidents based upon who you would rather have a beer with and I will continue with my Spanish lessons.

Adios amigos


Mississippi Red Queen

About a year ago I read a poem about an infantry company whose C.O. implored his men to keep sloshing across a Vietnamese river. A platoon sergeant and the rest of the company followed the captain cautiously until he was chest deep whereupon the officer was swept away and never seen again. Oh, to see art which mimicked life truly imitate it in our present war. I am sure it will happen metaphorically to the New Big Dummy, but I am afraid it will not be enough to end the war or stop the cretins who feed off of it.

The Rethugs are already shopping their latest meme about; GWB is actually a "liberal." Jettisoning Bush is no problem to a culture with no soul. The corporatizing of the government is nearly complete and the mindless voting of the base of the GOP (christianists) will probably be enough to keep the party afloat until the final curtain. No applause please, just throw money...

I have tried and tried and tried to patiently inform the people I know that republicans have no intention of preserving this republic (irony.) I have done this to the detriment of my relationships with family, friends, employment and career, finances and marriage. Quite the superduperfecta if I say so myself. Anyway, as I mentioned above, the Tholian Web is nearly completed and for the life of me I have no concern for me and only a benign indifference to what our future will be.

I close with a quote I read by Digby.

I'm not big on blog triumphalism, but if there is one thing we bring to the table it's that our distance from that milieu brings some perspective to it. And from where I sit we have a decadent elite who rule on behalf of a political party that finds authoritarianism quite appealing --- as long as they aren't personally subject to it. Pardon me for thinking that might not be the best thing for the country.


Fear as a Break from Greed

The GOP (god's only party) has two, count them , two features that are the crux of their platform and the seeding of their base. From the selfish and affluent to the ignorant, bigoted poor and middle class they screech their gospel of hate and money. They are about physical power without any trppings of intelligent discourse. It is raw and in your face. Some say this process took 30 years and I say that the GOP has been around since even before Roman times in one form or another. The "god people" and the "gated ones" will never be convinced that they may be wrong or that logic, fact or common sense mean anything different in context and truth than their opinion. They are absolutely, positively right because they have MORE god or money than the rest of us.
You know I have never had a dull day because of these two groups. It would be splendidly humorous in a side-splitting way if it were not for the fact that these are the people who create our laws and with straight-faced seriousness refer to themselves as the "grown-ups." Well, keep my ass parked at the kiddy table because I am going to stay a toys r us kid forever. Fuck these people and fuck most of the rest of you schmucks because you tolerate this bullshit. Well, toleration just got you over 3$ a gallon at the pump and god will be coming to a school and public area near you (e.g. Grand Canyon National Park.)
Alas, the irony is all but lost in the feverish pitch for blood and treasure. Fact: the cycle of poverty in this country, and in the world, will never be broken if the majority of its people continue to vote and work under conditions which are against their own self interests. Also, for sublime irony you just have to admire (with a sick feeling in your gut no less) the sheer audacity of the names these cretins give things. "Right to work" state means the employer can fire you any time he wants for no reason; "right to fire" would be more appropriate. "Healthy forests" mean cut the buggers down as fast as we can. "Clean air" means lowering the EPA standards. It goes on and on and on and on...
WAKE UP ASSHOLES, they are coming after your children and grandchildren next. They don't just want your money, they want your service in the never ending war against verbs or things. A final irony: they only make up at most 25% of our population, yet they will bury us in the rubble caused by their blindered rush to jump the cliff. You have been warned again. You were warned each of these previous times by me and my voice was unheard. Nixon, Reagan, Bush !, Bush !!... A common thread is woven at the sheer mention of these names.


One Down, 45 million or so to go...

No more polluting of our brains via god's voice on Earth. It has called him away and I am thankful. Just another grave to dance on before I too shed this mortal shell. I really, really, really did not like this man. He was the carnival barker that spoke hate to millions and in turn made millions off of these shills. I will put aside my liberal anger for a wee nano-second and look skyward in painless bliss for the world is indeed a better place without Jerry Falwell. Good riddance, asshole...


Dreamer, silly little dreamer...

Can you put your hands on your head?
Oh, no!
Oh, no!


Putting all your Eggs in the Handbasket to Hell

Another Sunday, Easter I think, I am enjoying the calm with my two best companions. The conversation is light and they seem to be more interested in the dinner I prepared, so I do most of the talking. They know me well and give a contributory grunt or nod to my soliloguy during the correct parts so I know they are listening. I love these two and can think of no better way to spend an afternoon than in their company. Thank you my friends, without you I am diminished.
Here's to more Sundays spent in the company of those I love. My Dachsund and JRT are very special and they give their love and trust unconditionally.


Boysenberry Jam

Struggling with many conflicting trends in my personal life. There is no turning back, yet I have to make a go of change. Took in a boarder and now I truly have lost my mind. He is a Gulf War veteran with PTSD and he is way beyond my help. I've counted four different behaviors and none know what responsibility is. I have become irresponsible, not because of him, but in spite of me. I have thrown in the towel. I'll write more when I have recovered some sensibility.


A Question of Balance

There are some jobs in this world that defy imagination and then there are some that are mandatory. There are some that create and others that destroy. Humans work to live. There are no artificial rules to living and the rules (behaviors) that we indeed impose upon ourselves are natural. Society attempts to imposes its will upon us in spite of our natural behavior. The need to codify our rules of living emerged because certain humans needed to preserve the artificial and at the same time needed to justify ignoring the natural. The natural was preserved in the "Golden Rule" and this last vestige of Truth is nothing more than a cheapened ideology which has been coerced by our modern religions, mocked by our economic systems and deadened by the hypocracy of politics.

"The philosphers have interpreted the world in many ways. What matters is changing it."

What has happened is that the natural is no longer inherent within us. We deify the artificial with false myth and immodest hope. Our faith in ourselves is crushed by the seeming immensity of the artificial while apathy and cynicism become our sole (soul) defense. Our charity is measured in bank notes and we can't fathom how or why we feel empty. If there is anyone in this country who is not embarrased and disgusted with our government in at least one of its functions (I really can't think of anything our political parties, especially the Republicans and the neoliberal Democrats, haven't tainted with their backslapping, backsliding back to a time that can never happen again tunnel vision view of a world that is dying.)

Our foreign policy (State) and military (Defense) our two prime examples of this phenomenom. Since when has war become the first option in our diplomacy. Since when are the intelligence branches of our defense department ignored and then belittled to propagandize a war that's only justifications are both too cynical to be spoken aloud because then the men and women who serve honorably in our armed forces would surely feel a bit resentful. Oil and/or global conflaglation are the only two logical explanations I can think of that even come close to rationalizing why the Executive branch unilaterally invaded Iraq and is presently sowing the seeds of war with Iran. We are governed by a cabal of thieves, murderers and liars who have no conscience and, based upon the last six years, no critical thinking skills beyond repetition, no desire to change or admit error.

There is no balance. I'm beginning to question if there ever was. We are not the wonderful democracy loving people we are constantly being told we are. The American Myth is a trip to Disney's Fantasyland complete with marching dwarves, wicked witches and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride off the cliff of reason and into the depths of a Hades Storybookland of hypocracy, hate and selfish Imeminism. Truly, history is meaningless and any thoughtful discourse is ridiculed as we shop and shop and shop. I need to get away before I am translated into the Borg collective.

They truly exist...


Here Comes the Sun

I have never trusted Klingons and I never will. I was 11 when I saw true malevolence for the first time. It hid behind an American flag back then too. I saw pictures of him before I heard the death horn melody of his voice, and I knew he commanded an army of flying monkeys and that he hated with such a passion and energy that anytime I saw or heard him speak my spirit was diminished proportionately. I have never listened to a political speech since that time and will only read them or watch them on video in small snippets. I was learning German at the time and, being 11, I had not fully grasped the nuances of this wonderfully robust language; to me his name meant NO!!!

Yeah, yeah, how wonderfully prescient I was at 11. Hell, before I was ten I knew that lying was a condition of state authority. I accepted it and I've never looked back. Richard Milhaus Nixon (again, what's with the German middle name--early Ebon translation = "bad house.") Forgive me for mixing "bad" Spanish in with my limited grasp of German, but damn it people, you elected a criminal as president of the US and all the signs were there for me to see. However, there was one slight problem; I still had to dine at the kiddie table.
So, when this criminal resigns in disgrace to avoid impeachment and is then pardoned I can say without remorse or glee that the wisdom of the founders was taken for a ride and summarily "rubbed out" of existence through an arrogantly blissful ignorance that replaced an already misplaced exceptionalism with the typical zombie thug we admire/loathe as a Republican today.
I have nothing but comtempt for Republicans and see NO redeeming quality whatsoever in this mob. I truly can't remember a time when I didn't despise them.
I am a watcher and the only outcome for US is the dust bin of history if we are lucky. The alternative is extinction because Republicans are myopic. Their world view hinges on the hording of power. Fear and greed is their mantra. Their destruction of everything is innate and they will not go quietly; they will take this planet with them if they can.
Willful ignorance and superstition has supplanted the science of The Enlightenment for them and they wear the shadows of darkness with a pride that truly sickens and saddens me. Debate is treason to these arrogant thugs and logic is countered with the fist of the righteous and the lies of the loudest. The planet is breaking and humans have reached a point in their evolution where there can be only one solution. The Cave Man must be eliminated completely because compromise is not an option for them, it is a "rearguard" strategy that allows them to regroup. We are at this point now. If we the people succumb to this ploy and allow them to feign sincerity and falsely use our belief structures and goodness to survive they will mutate into the authoritarian overlords we have always known them to be.

To use Western US parlance, "it is high noon and the showdown is about to commence."


Ground Round: Tuning Jam

Time magazine has published this scathing attack on the liberal mindset. Guess who the author is? Joe Klein ( joke line)

A liberal:

1 -believes the United States is a fundamentally negative force in the world.
WTF world is he living in?
Fundamentally in this space and this time, YES.

2 -believes that American imperialism is the primary cause of Islamic radicalism.
WTF, read any good PNAC lately?
Imperialism defined as... (military bases in other countries to protect supplies of resources for transnational corporations.) YES, but fundamentally not a clear primary cause.

3 -believes that the decision to go to war in Iraq was not an individual case of monumental stupidity, but a consequence of America’s fundamental imperialistic nature.
WTF, so, Joe, when did you stop beating your wife?
BOTH (neocons are fundamentally destructive in their neo-imperialist greed.)

4 -tends to blame America for the failures of others—i.e. the failure of our NATO allies to fulfill their responsibilities in Afghanistan.
WTF is this question about?

NO, I blame Fundamentalism (religion and the Republican party) for the impending failure that is America. I am saddened by our greed, apathy and ignorance.

5 -doesn’t believe that capitalism, carefully regulated and progressively taxed, is the best liberal idea in human history.
WTF is this guy smoking?
YES, I would love to see this fantasy of yours pulled off. Capitalism is not even in my top ten list of great fundamental "liberal" ideas.

6 -believes American society is fundamentally unfair (as opposed to having unfair aspects that need improvement).
WTF, this article proves it...
Fundamentally, American jurisprudence, criminal justice and economics is unfair and getting progressively worse, YES (as opposed to a strong maybe, that could mean yes.)

7 -believes that eternal problems like crime and poverty are the primarily the fault of society.
WTF, Time magazine forget how to edit.
Society is such a generalization that it would not even be fair to fundamentally answer this question without a careful study of the dynamics that contribute to these "eternal" problems. NO ANSWER

8--believes that America isn’t really a democracy.
WTF, is this article some kind of joke?
YES, fundamentally we are a republic and if I were going to be flippant I would argue that we more closely resemble an oligarchy with republican trappings.

9 -believes that corporations are fundamentally evil.
WTF does this question mean?
A corporation is not a person, not even fundamentally, so it is superfluous to suggest that it would have human characteristics. Maybe we can enlist it (them) in our great and glorious forever war on terror. Oh, by the way, how is that war on drugs coming along. Jesus h christ, who thinks up this crap. NO ANSWER

10-believes in a corporate conspiracy that controls the world.
WTF... "So Brain," Pinky asks jovially, "what are we going to do today?"
Conspiracy or not, the continuing amalgamation and merging of corporations has created a situation where corporations are no longer national entities beholden to the people of those countries. The trend is there for this scenario to be realized, but as of this particular space and time. NO

11-is intolerant of good ideas when they come from conservative sources.
WTF, somebody get this guy a dictionary.
This statement is a prime example of what is fundamentally called projection. A liberal is inherently tolerant of all ideas. Value judgments are the end result of analysis, not the whimsical prejudice of a lazy mind. I'm sure conservatives have had a good idea or two, but for the life of me I can't name a recent conservative idea that qualifies as "good." NO

12-dismissively mocks people of faith, especially those who are opposed to abortion and gay marriage.
WTF, next we'll be spitting on soldiers and having orgies in public parks.
This is an outstanding example of a fundamentally lazy mind. One, he seems to have forgotten that he was calling liberals intolerant in his previous statement. My projection prediction bears fruit. While I derive no personal pleasure in mocking "people of faith," I have no problem with allowing people to mock, snicker, sue, laugh at, deride, make jokes about, humiliate, sneer at, flip off or any of the vast array of non-violent actions they can use to prevent "people of faith" from contaminating our nation and its laws with their narrow minded intolerance of that which they choose not to understand. Two, mocking has no particular victim when it is used and more importantly, I have yet to hear of anyone being mocked to death. There are anti-abortionists who have and will probably continue to use deadly violence and they have such a myopic perspective that they don't even see the contradiction embedded in their belief system. As for those who oppose gay marriage I have nothing but loathing for your bigotry and your hatred. YES YES YES. Mock the shadow people at every opportunity.

13-regularly uses harsh, vulgar, intolerant language to attack moderates or conservatives.
WTF, did he just press the projection button again? What a tool...
NO. Res ipsa loquitor

Come, Armageddon Come

Armageddon - come Armageddon

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