Smoking and Drinking

I leave this year with as many thoughts as I have left every year.

I have two exceptions and one (or both) will kill me.

As I grew from pod to man I loved two comics above all. The first was Groucho Marx and his incisive wit and sarcasm fueled the pod-boy to become the man-boy. "Duck Soup" is one of my favorite movies and I can still watch it today with the exhuberance I displayed as a youth. A lot of Groucho's humor was lost upon me, but I loved his mannerisms and his foils. My love for him was cemented when he appeared on Dick Cavett's show. I finally, truly got him.

The second was W.C. Fields (Bill) and my fondness for him was established from his relationship with Edgar Bergen (I love dummies). He had a grace that I appreciated and a wit that was razor like. I love most of his movies, but I especially love the biographies about him (he died eleven years before I was born). He was part of the Hollywood crowd at its heyday and I have a fondness for this because during vacations my dad used to take me to work and he would show me the old Hollywood/Culver City lots and I would dream. While he worked (he was a meat vendor) he thought I was asleep in his work truck. I instead would walk down Hollywood Blvd./Sunset Blvd. In the early hours of a summer morning I would think of all the old stars and it made me happy.

I honor these two men...

I honor dreams.

The past is a reflection.

Happy New Year!


Self (Denial)

     It is not about you! It never has been. If you believe the shit your country told you than you have not learned a thing. It could be about us, but that would involve you thinking about someone but yourself. If you believe yourself someone who believes the government is the problem and then waves little flags to "support the troops" than you have a problem with double-thinking. The people who control the government are the problem.

    Take a second and breathe deep. Why do you hate or love with the passion you do? It may be because of what we are told. Do you know that most of the the crap (news and other such information givers) you see on your teevee, and increasingly your internet, are pure lies. You know this. In the heart that beats, in the lungs that breathe, you know this. Our courts have ruled that news is entertainment and because of this there is no bond between the "news givers" and us to actually tell us the truth. They will continue to tell us to trust them; but really? They are the media and they are beholden to nothing except their profits.

Who, what, where, when and how:

Majority investors in corporations, bankers and their government lapdogs. The media is now almost completely owned by people who are not your friends and will tell you lies to support their lies.

Control of the money.

Started in the UK (one could argue that Spain and Portugal began this trend, but the English understood commerce, as well as the Dutch; the Netherlands was but a small country). England's navy dominated the seas for over 3 centuries. Today, the US military is unsurpassed in expansion of corporate goals; they have had success on our planet for over one hundred years.

From 1492 until now.

A strong navy and control of the oceans and ports is vital. Today it is control of the air (force, satellites and media). Information is critical today as it was in the days of plunderers like Columbus, Cortez and Pizzaro.

Why do we accept plundering?

    We accept the evils of our world because of a hope that will never come (I tend to blame religion on this, but it may be because of our tribal instincts). I may not be perfect in my thoughts, nor am I an idiot, but I believe our worse fears, nightmares and horrors come from our self and the self preservation we attempt to achieve comes through our wisdom. Instead of blaming people who are victims themselves we should focus on the real problem; WEALTH.


The New World Order

Revolution Number Nine

Now, let's see if I (the american) can reach into my cultural steam trunk and fish around for an example of American Exceptionalism. Ah, here it is... Alright, who's been shitting on The Constitution again. Why, the Preamble has a most putrid smell emanating from the brownish smudges that I believe were words at one time.

Is it me? I can no longer tolerate the level of discourse that passes for wisdom in this willfully ignorant nation. WE THE PEOPLE have little or no conception of the reasons we allow governments to be established in the first place. (hint hint: it is not to protect corporations and confuse it with foreign policy.) The stain of complacency, greed and fear has reduced US THE PEOPLE to the role of spectator and a number to be taxed because, face it folks, we are delusional; content in our false belief of greatness and virtue.

Scratched into the drying excrement that covers the first paragraph of The Constitution is:

"New Preamble"
We, the corporate overlords and our lackeys and psychophants, in order to form a more orderly society for our continuing benefit hold that governments must be created to legitimize our plutocratic authority, establish pay as you go, we'll make it up as we go Justice, insure domestic Tranquility by surveillance, random searching, expanding police powers and private security, provide that the commoners in the armed forces will Defend american corporate global interests until they too are privatized, promote the general Welfare by relabeling it special Welfare and using it to enable american corporate global interests, and secure for ourselves the Blessings of Tyranny by mortgaging our posterity and leaving the bill for the people's children and grandchildren and they can secure their own liberties after taxes. We also ordain and establish the right to make shit up and call it defending the Constitution for the USA.

There really are not many options left to us at this late juncture. A "storming the Bastille" moment is needed, yet highly unlikely. Our government has forsaken its people and any pretense of our "noble and just" position in the world is pure crap. The source of our greatness is raw, naked and brutal power. This is compounded by a ruling class that is devoid of originality and a host of lackeys who are quite frankly incompetent. We are definitely in for some interesting times. The elephant, bear, bull and donkey will leave quite a mess before they are through. My hope is that there will be something left. I believe we are at an evolutionary branch where our species' survival will rest on the degree of damage our desperate masters leave in the wake of their demise. The "Resources War" phase of the "Great World War" has begun and I don't believe anyone has noticed.

"You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world."