There is such power in this "internet" world. I marvel at the knowledge available to me. I am also befuddled by the shear volume of resources; it makes me shudder. Trust and authenticity will bear the black marks as more and more deceptions are uploaded. Trust in a medium of such importance (and ultimately, impotence) will succumb us to a subservience that will make serfdom and slavery seem benign.

As with "police" powers I wonder who watches and I hunger for revolution. I await it with my dying gasp. May the fortunate know this, it was never about them. It was about equality and brother/sister-hood.

A simple rule betrayed by eons of corruption; a Golden Rule. Don't fuck with people unless you want to be fucked with.

A lesson not learned by our masters (see Philippines, Cuba, Guatemala, Iran, Vietnam, Chile, El Salvadore, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc...) This is just the modern list. We have been fucking with people since our inception. I won't even mention policies of genocide or slavery.

We are a happy/sad people in spite of this.

When do we stop? Can we stop? Is our nature so intwined with our past that this is what we are?


There is no place like home.
Try as I might I will probably never find it.
The wind is my ally and the earth is my foe.

Strikes against and for me.

Something in all of us makes me want to stay despite the fact I loathe our way.
I delude myself that we have hope, yet the fear of what seems to me is inevitable breathes life into me.

There is something in all of us that I have grown to love.
These are the people I love.


Photo: Silliness on Memorial Day

Be good to each other.
This is golden.