Sometimes we need to make it known what the fuck we are about. I have a long standing love affair with Joni Mitchell. She was as much a visionary in her time as I strive to be in my time.Artists understand the present in terms of the past and give us the future. There have been few people that I understand to be artists. Joni Mitchell was pure. Her art was pure. This is Joni Mitchell at her best and purest.

There truly was one person who conveyed the "freedom" instilled in our childhood.

 I can not listen to Jimi Hendrix or other hard rockers without thinking of her. Neither can I hear Bob Dylan and believe they were not soul mates in their time. She survived in spite of the dogma of "hippiedom". She was the goddess and all her minions flocked to be with her spawn.

I am her spawn.

I attribute most of my beliefs and wonders to her.


Library Closed

Robin Williams was a complex man; talented in the chameleon's arts, yet he still he could be down to earth. I appreciated his candor and most definitely his wit. There was a dark side to this man that I loved and hated.

He suffered, we all suffer.

In some ways I will miss him.

Be free...


Frantic Monkeys

I have no words. I have little inspiration left. What is left of me should be fine viewing on the funeral slab.

There is not a thought in my head that would sway me to think we (USA) are the good guys. None, zip, nada. I traded my white hat in long ago. This is what we have come to and I am neither ashamed, nor surprised by it. We are the evil and we don't even know it. I am sickened by it, but I am responsible.

I am sorry world.

We will kill you and salt your cities.

This is our way.