I am a human being who respects all other human beings until they stop respecting ALL other human beings.

I am a teacher of children. I work long hours (most without pay) and I will protect my charges against any and all threats to their well-being.

I believe in people to do the right thing when confronted with religion. I worship no gods, nor money, nor power.  I drive a car, but that is a contradiction I have to live with because the place I live has no mass transit.

I have NO loyalty to any corporation and believe that those who do lack self awareness.

I believe that the money I make should be spent for the greater good and those who feel different are part of the problem because they do not understand that without infrastructure their world becomes the fucked-up mess they see before them. This saddens me because it could be different.

I believe guns kill.

I have no heroes, because that would involve worship.

If there is one constant in the whole universe I believe it to be CHANGE. Nostalgia is trivia in search of Never Never Land. I get it that our memories may or may not be in tune with reality, but this is a universal rule and I will not argue the merits of going back to a better day.

There is no nice way to be hateful against anything. If you are in touch with your feelings than you must love/hate. Were we taught to hate? Did hate come from personal experience? Is our hate justified? Would you like me to hate you? I don't play that game because I have learned to hate ideas rather than people.

I believe in diversity and if you don't like it then you should probably avoid it. Demanding to be treated exceptional because of your birthright is not a good reason to hate.