21st Century Schizoid Man

Nuts Are In the Shell

Fact checkers,
Come to this,
With their own sets of thoughts and beliefs.
We are not going to let our world,
Be dictated by fact checkers.

We are the creators,
We create our own reality,
You are destined only to watch.

When we are done with this reality,
We will make another,
And another...

Such is our way,
We are the modern warrior.
Proud samurais,
Steadfast in our shiny suits of silk.

Heroic deeds done,
For the new feudal chieftains.
We are inking blood bonds,
Of a permanent void and an airy omnipotence.

Embrace each new reality,
As if it was your first.
We are the present,
We have no time for history.


Rocket Man

Fuck Authority

Oh, the many startling conclusions to be experienced.
The many truisms to be observed in this belittling life.
Where is the clinging hope?
Of bright words seeping into the ooze of humanic thought.
This is not a road of salvation or even a road of imaginary bliss.
We have exceeded the expectations of our totality.

It happens.

The hype we experience is but a glimmer on this silvery, blue mass,
Just one more shiny object to acquire in the grand nullification.

The time has past for pleasantries,
Embrace your future as if you have nothing to lose.
I don't have faith in any path a "leader" beckons.

We have reached a singular point in our (d)evolution.
We have come to a nexus of thought and scheme.

You and yours are not enough to combat what is to come,
This is the dependency on which all bets are called.

This can not be some sum game in some other's sum game.
We have forsaken ourselves and our "family" values for the sums we gather.
Pathetic beings whose VALUE diminishes with each dollar we cling to.

In some never, never land,
Life is not measured by dollars,
But sense...