Turning Japanese

A heart where my head used to be...


The Jean Genie

Farting in the Wind

Big shot and spokestool for the U.S Corporation, Secretary of State Clinton blurted this non-apology:

“We are condemning it (the burning of Korans) in the strongest possible terms, but we also believe that the violence must stop, and the hard work of trying to build a more peaceful, prosperous and secure Afghanistan must continue.”

Do you think maybe they are protesting against the murder and rape of their land by foreign "security" forces?

They have to say this delusional shit to appease the enablers (the American public.)


The Last Resort

The past speaks volumes to me as I contemplate modernity. I am in awe of the paths which have led us into the wasteland. Paths steamrollered into sameness and banality as humanity's "buzz" is getting harder to satiate. Blood and treasure seem to be all there is left for the fortunate few. Eventually, this bloodlust and greed will turn inward and devour even these "eaters of worlds" themselves.

Alternatives are not even being sought. Those who see the wreckage and attempt to enlighten are the "buzzkillers" and "crackpots" and they are dutifully ignored. The reality of our craven existence where war and poverty abound is so blatantly obvious by some that it has to be ignored by the many or we might have to believe in something like peace and equality instead of an invisible sky god who will reward us for our blind devotion. Religion is one of the opiates (the others being violence and money) which keeps the "buzz" going for many and the belief in salvation is the ace which binds them to an unthinking and uncaring mindset.

That's the way of the world and there appears to be nothing we can do about it. The ironic part is that a great many of my fellow travelers who sense that something is amiss will avoid the "buzzkill" because of the children they are raising. Tell me, dear maters and paters, when is it supposed to get better? What kind of world do you believe your children will grow old in? I have been intimate with the past and it bodes ill for a terrifyingly surreal future. The present encompasses both and is disgustingly meaningless.

There's a specter haunting this planet...


Another Brick in the Wall

Farting in the wind:

8 Young Afghans Killed in Strike, NATO Acknowledges

Brig. Gen. Lewis Boone, the NATO spokestool here, said ...

[the boys] “appeared to be carrying weapons and heading for nearby mountains. They were moving in open terrain in a tactical fashion and clearly keeping a distance from each other.”

This is not even an apology (which makes it worse.) This is the mentality of the paranoid military mind. I am sickened by acts (and justifications) like this.