In the Name of Love

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour the guns were silenced and the world became still. The fall of the monarchies was complete and Old Europe was destroyed. Will the capitalists death rattle doom a planet? Sadly, yes...

I fear this as much as I fear a cage. I would gladly accept a cage to avoid this. I may end up in a cage because of it. There is an inevitability about this scenario that is beyond the most fervent hoping, wishing and praying. There is also a sense of karmic justice to it also. A superpower ruled and populated by the willfully ignorant can not remain so for any lengthy period of historical time without history extracting its just due. A nation born under hypocrisy and nurtured with myth will succumb to nature no matter how energetic her citizens are. Ironically, because of the myth and the buried immorality of this "god-fearing" nation, the end will assuredly surprise its denizens.

So, keep punching that clock and watching that tube because it doesn't get any better than this. The rats will start leaving the ship soon and that will be the final clue that the house of cards is falling. It won't be pretty by any measure as the ensuing chaos will surely spread and engulf the planet in a maelstrom of violence as nations splinter into factions and survival becomes paramount.

The question remains as to when, for the how has been determined. This, my friends, can not be answered with precision. In fact, an alternative outcome would be the rise of a perfected fascism as a sort of corporate feudalism whereby the splintering of the large nations would entail loyalty or servitude to a corporation, trust or, god help us, a church, cult, etc... I don't even want to bring nuclear weapons into my analysis just yet, because the thought of Pepsi nuking Coke just boggles my brain.

I have to stop this doomsaying before it begins to effect my psyche and I begin to talk to myself.

"What's that, you say you want to preserve your sanity?"

"Well, yes, I think."