Well, it seems like we are about to get a NEW, NEW DEAL. It isn't very encouraging that the dealers in this game have no conception of humanity, but they do know how to play the game (i.e. rig it.) So, in keeping with the spirit of the metaphor (I never liked poker anyway) I propose that we abandon the DEAL altogether and move on to a NEW GAME.

The game should be all inclusive and not just for "rich white guys." We take all the bailout money the banks and other institutions have "borrowed" from the people of this country and distribute it to those who aren't "rich white guys."

I know you are saying to yourself, "Hey, that isn't very all-inclusive, dude?"

From an old world-view paradigm it appears that way, but this is the new world-view paradigm and I call it TRICKLE UP economics. Those at the top tier of our economic ladder haven't lost anything with the change of the game and they get to benefit from all that cash the poor, huddled masses will spend in their glee to...

here it comes...



Hey Joe

I hadn't corresponded with him in many years, but I still read his commentary and always meant to see about heading his way. Alas, as with everything else in this procrastinator's life I missed the chance. I feel a sadness in my heart for the closing of this library. I will miss you, Joe Bageant. (1946-2011)