Where is the Horse and the Rider?

So... it has come to this. The end run past the popular will should not be a surprise to anyone who breathes. Freedom's just another word for Slavery. In our minds we grasp the daily distortion and know at our deepest level of subconscious that something is terribly wrong. We all feel it; there is no escape from our national psychosis. We have leaders who fiddle as Rome burns and in the depths of their souls they know no other alternative. They feel the approaching doom and waste little countenance on it. After all, it is they who create our reality and in a world commanded by the perfect idiots there are no flaws in this reality. There are no questions. There is no introspection. There is a course that is set and there will be no deviation.

I have walked this path before. It is altogether horrifying anyway for this road leads to a precipice that isn't discriminate. Dark paths emerge as the world ebbs into darkness. Who will survive retrograde and devolution? Stagnation, decay and corruption are the standards of our time and we consume.

The tipping point is here. Will the inhuman 25% drag us into their apocalypse? Sadly, I am of little faith. I have no sense of belonging to this place or time. We are walking through wet cement and we believe it to be normal. I'd pray for your souls if it wouldn't drive me to despair. My belief in a just and merciful god was destroyed long ago. Power has won and with this I am truly and finally amused. The irony of authoritative rule will be lost on them; even to the end.


Too long Away from the Fray

Wow, I just looked and saw how long it has been; fuck it. I write when I want and that is that. Well, I expected the shit to come down someday and it is going as planned. My friends, I am alone and I am a son of a bitch when I am alone. Mom, forgive me. Fuck these arrogant republican assholes in their fucking backsides.
I usually reserve indifference for my not-so-close friends. Hate is reserved for final scenes. The crime family formerly known as the republicans has incurred all the wrath I have previously reserved for that most wholesome of family values groups (the mafia.) Hell, I can't tell the fucking difference. Big, little men-children who think they rule the world. What a pathetic group. Your families die as you do; in a state of nothingness. Your women breed chafe. Your BIG ideas mean diddley-squat in the course of things.
How many made men does it take to screw a light bulb? All of them, because they never met anything as bright or as clever. Fuck you GUMBAS; plague upon anything Italian. You deserve your rich ivory caskets. Your satin lined cuffs for your severed hands. Your Cadillacs filled with bullets. Your funerals brightly lit by other crooks. Your noses broken and filled with the scent of ambrosia. Your knees capped and golden.
The Englishmen are doomed as you have been.
Time takes its time...