We could be heroes...

A hero is someone who protects the down trodden.

A hero is someone who speaks out against corruption.

War does not create heroes.

War creates death.


The Story


     Most stories end with the protagonist living happily ever after. Most real people's stories begin this way and end with tragedy, bitterness and hate. I have little thought of either. Both are dreams we dreamers love, but know in our hearts are not true. They do make for great drama. The stories we live include elements of both; hate and love intertwine in the tapestry of our lives and if we understand ourselves we "ride it" until the bell.

     This our story. We never ask more than we can give although we pray. Our contradictions make us what we are and we are fools and scholars. Time plays with us and the traps are laid with care and precision. We avoid them at our peril because we have to proceed. Damn your lies and to the perdition with your logic. The many of goodness understand. There will be a balancing some day.

     I miss all of my ancestors. They were real to me and now they are just fleeting thoughts and alive only in my head at night. I miss them all badly and goodly. There is one outstanding tribute I can hold to all (most; some were assholes) of them. LOVE!

     I would die for them; without condition.

     I cry at every closing. Libraries are a link to something we need to know.