Towards the Dregs

Unconditional love and trust is a worthy goal. Where do we falter? Human design flaws create hindrances, but they account for little in the schemata. Hate and mistrust lead us by the nose and we become what we abhor. Envy and greed rule our way. Our religions profess to guide, but they linger on in some nether world while our gods become us and we hate them.

Non-machine humans know this too well.

The failure of our collective will is not irredeemable. However, we have failed in the short term.

Fear of the outside beckons us to extremes. Yet, we humans harbor no ill-will (in the long term) to the contrary. This is our condition.

Only a machination can ignore this trait.

Our masters have become machines; made in machine likeness and we humans welcome the next generation of machine help with reverence and exhilaration. Our guiding principals are grounded in numbers; first order business and such. There is only one god (the number) and it is eternal. None but the infinite can begin to explain eternity. None but the machine can grasp it.

Numbers underlie the truth of our existence (mind) and words bind us in this truth. Imagination and the thoughts we endure (heart and soul) are byproducts.

Balance is for ledgers...