Much as failure is a feature of our imperialism and our world view narrows, short term success (financial) only makes our system survive a bit longer than it should. The overarching stimulus is money that truly means nothing. Failure (war) produces money, soulless fame and success (the stock market) that is supported endlessly in this failure. I dread the day when people recognize how duped they have been.

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Failure is failed wars, destroyed cities and environmental catastrophe. Success is improved weapons, rebuilding impoverished cities for rich people and the continuous and relentless destruction of public lands for profit that are destroyed by man-made and natural disasters.

I love my cheap food. I love my country. I love my ignorance. I hate without reason. I hate different people. I hate taxes.

Profits, profits and more profits. This is the mantra that will doom us. Why don't our leaders come right out and say that their world depends upon us and explain why they need more. They hide behind flags and hatred. They hide behind a force without precedence, yet they are weak.

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If there is one constant among a true citizen, and especially the military (their oath is binding), it is a belief that the Constitution is worth defending. Failure to uphold this simple creed is not negotiable. Leaders who do not heed this will understand that the people, and our soldiers, will realize your folly at some point and make you pay.

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Power is a thing not trifled with. I look at the government (all three branches) and know how we came to this point.

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 Fixing this dysfunction will be the work of the generations that follow the GREATEST generation and the BOOMER generation (both of which failed to provide the simple creed that your children will be as well off or better than you). You both failed miserably because of greed, fear and ego.

The more things stay the same, the more difficult it will be to change. (2018)