The Time has come...

Memorial Day 2008 (am I late? early? WTF.)

Anyway, I look around and I watch as cretins destroy and feed hate. I haven't been this depressed since Nixon...


Operation: Kaos

What in the hell is this about? Republicans sowing discord and hate to disrupt the voting process and then conspiring to instill a riot in a large city would be a crime in a mature nation of laws. The truly evil part is the gloating these depraved individuals crow about over their genius as they scatter from any source of light. Anyone who would purposely join the republican party at this time or piss and moan and throw a grownup sized temper tantrum with threats of voting for "the only person I can think of that would be worse than BUSH" because Clinton is not, I repeat, NOT going to win the nomination is not grounded in the reality I have experienced since Nixon. I would say Goldwater, but he was so bug fuck crazy LBJ waltzed into the WH in a land slide.
Let us review a few facts.
1. Nixon was a criminal
2. Ford's pardon signaled to the other crooks (R)that they could get away with anything and that laws mean absolutely fucking nothing to these greedy lying murdering thieves.
3. St. Ronald the Reagan presided over the biggest rip off of the taxpayer (S&L scandal) since, well nobody. Hoover (R) had Teapot Dome though.
4. St. Ronald the Reagan's administration were criminals. Iran-Contra and the October Surprise to name just two.
5. Funny how that pardon thing pops up at the same time every time. Hint: 1976, 1988, 1992, I'm going to make a prediction that 2008 will set a record for the number and seriousness of the pardons Bush will issue. Can he pardon himself? I'm almost sure he thinks he can.
6. If a republican says something, they are either projecting, denying or distracting (if not out and out lying.) Their grasp of mob psychology would be considered masterful if it wasn't based on greed, fear and hate.
7. Obama and Clinton are both centrists with similar ideas and voting records. St BBQ is a two faced, flip flopping, side of the neck talking con man who is in bed with the PACS and is sure to continue: a.) the purging of the Treasury for fun and profit, b.) policies that put more and more burdens on the under class (right, UNDER CLASS because there truly are only two economic classes.) c.) A continuation of Bush's Folly and a possible McCain's Folly to follow in his "100 years of War" mantra. d.) The final gutting of The Constitution as the oligarchy (MNC) will be firmly entrenched, and e.) the privatization of JUSTICE as he will probably get to choose two Justices.
I don't believe any issue facing either dem candidate compares qualitatively with any of the REAL problems of this country. Hell, sure as there are no more Raygun Democrats (I call them republicans) we will have a new group of haters arising. They will violently deny their bigotry or arrogantly defend their ignorance and they will never acknowledge the truth. To allow such an alteration to their world-view would cause such mental stress that I truly believe they would destroy a world in their ensuing panic. I will call these new seekers of the mundane, The Clinton Republicans.
I do hope your Absorption into the collective goes well.
Hey Rush,
here is what I think of you and your addle brained "Pinky and the Brain" idea,