Part One: I Shot the Sheriff

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” (Albert Einstein)

The Constitution provides authority to execute the laws of the US to the president. As a child I was lied to by a president (Johnson) who then subjected his charges to disaster (Viet Nam.) As a teenager I witnessed the hypocricy of a president (Nixon) who believed this document didn't apply to him and subsequently had to be pardoned (before the fact) for his obvious crimes. I will not bore you with the obvious extension of this line of thought. I bring these two FACTS to your attention only to reinforce the reasons why I will always question authority and why I will not blindly concede to its power.

Today, we have a president who has taken lying to a surreal level and who has systematically shredded the Bill of Rights. His justification of "I'm a war president" is beyond surreal. It is delusional. Damn this man scares me. What is even sadder is that 30 percent of our population are just as delusional. His ineptitude is only overshadowed by his unflinching arrogance. Stupidity and smugness combined in one person is not a redeeming quality.

Enough ranting for one day...


Overture: Jam in Three Parts

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I have no conceptions about the direction this adventure will take me as I am as weary of inane structure as I am of "benign" greed. However, even in my most chaotic state I cannot avoid the forms. Therefore, it is to beginnings that I address you most graciously. Again, welcome. War, politics, crime, religion, art, philosophy, dreams, and on and on and on are topics of particular interest to me and I will not delude myself into believing for a moment that I will even begin to construct a coherent edifice for half of the ideas and beliefs that make up this being I call me and you call you. I will attempt to treat each subject I discuss with honesty and intelligence.

However, I have not attained my present exalted status by coherence alone, as you will soon fathom. I travel along an uncharted path where the future is in the next instant and the past recedes backwards from memory to history and finally into an unhistorical oblivion. My gods are enlightenment and truth. My angels are goodness and beauty. I fear nothing but ignorance and have little use for material possessions. Also, I deplore the hording of wealth and the crippling of our spirit and our planet by its justifications.

Therefore, I have entrusted myself to ridicule the obtuse and belittle the greedy in any way I can. The only power I claim is that of my own imagination and wit. I have little use of authority as my moral compass points in another direction. Similarly, I have no use for heroes or leaders either. Leadership flows naturally and is never sought after by those with its ability just as a truly heroic person inspires us through their actions and thoughts not their marketing value. I will now end the beginning and leave this digital realm.

Final Thought---With all the shit that has happened in the last six years how can anyone still proudly call themselves a Republican? There is not one redeeming quality left in this party of liars, thugs and thieves. If the Democrats don't immediately pounce on these unrepentant jackals for their blatant crimes and the near destruction of this country then we deserve everything that will surely follow. It won't be pretty either.