Spot Light

Memories are in short supply,
Given that we can still get by.
Hurt is what you feel when you hate,
It makes you feel, makes you sedate.

Love will be your savior,
Not god, not your personal favor.
Look around and see,
Why we suffer and why we feel.
Who do you believe yourself to be,
A mirror with a permanent seal.
My scars are eternal,
My scars are mine.
Your love floats as mine...
questing for something we will never find.


Be Happy, Motherfuckers

I am reminded of something I read once. I took this to heart because I was thrilled by cowboy movies when I was young.

The Ten Fucking Commandments of Cowboys

  1. The Cowboy must never shoot first, hit a smaller man, or take unfair advantage.
  2. He must never go back on his word, or a trust confided in him.
  3. He must always tell the truth.
  4. He must be gentle with children, the elderly, and animals.
  5. He must not advocate or possess racially or religiously intolerant ideas.
  6. He must help people in distress.
  7. He must be a good worker.
  8. He must keep himself clean in thought, speech, action, and personal habits.
  9. He must respect women, parents, and his nation's laws.
  10. The Cowboy is a patriot.

We have so fucked up our world that these words are meaningless.

All of them...



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The view is not always the same from the other side.
I understand heritage, family, and religion.
Sometimes, these things are wrong.

Sometimes we are wrong.



A Christian believes they can commit adultery, bear false witness, actively encourage murder. It doesn’t matter! They know that one weird trick. Just believe! God will reward them just because they believe the fables they were told as a child. I am personally offended for the hundreds of millions of Christians over the centuries who actually took their religion seriously and were duped by the charlatans to give their lives and meaning to this crapola.
There is an aspect of Christianty of allowing Jesus into your heart. But this was not meant to be the whole deal. And certainly the loony morphing of this into a “personal relationship” with God has effectively destroyed the religion for millions. It is the height of hubris. God as pal?! Whatever. The Bible as truth? Give me a break.
Allow for a second that there is one bit of truth in this belief structure and our actions here and now mean nothing. I just need to believe.
That is all; forever and ever.
How many people are willing to risk eternal damnation if all they have to do is believe?

Most of this work was inspired and taken from


Please be a friend and listen to the little voices in your head.


Fuck Me

... here we go,
down the slow,


Don't look close at the mailbox.



I am a human being who respects all other human beings until they stop respecting ALL other human beings.

I am a teacher of children. I work long hours (most without pay) and I will protect my charges against any and all threats to their well-being.

I believe in people to do the right thing when confronted with religion. I worship no gods, nor money, nor power.  I drive a car, but that is a contradiction I have to live with because the place I live has no mass transit.

I have NO loyalty to any corporation and believe that those who do lack self awareness.

I believe that the money I make should be spent for the greater good and those who feel different are part of the problem because they do not understand that without infrastructure their world becomes the fucked-up mess they see before them. This saddens me because it could be different.

I believe guns kill.

I have no heroes, because that would involve worship.

If there is one constant in the whole universe I believe it to be CHANGE. Nostalgia is trivia in search of Never Never Land. I get it that our memories may or may not be in tune with reality, but this is a universal rule and I will not argue the merits of going back to a better day.

There is no nice way to be hateful against anything. If you are in touch with your feelings than you must love/hate. Were we taught to hate? Did hate come from personal experience? Is our hate justified? Would you like me to hate you? I don't play that game because I have learned to hate ideas rather than people.

I believe in diversity and if you don't like it then you should probably avoid it. Demanding to be treated exceptional because of your birthright is not a good reason to hate.



Out of an abundance of caution,
I watched and waited.
Out of an abundance of zeal,
I acted and hated.

Criminal minds make deals with the devil,
While the rest of us wonder,
and wander,
away from truth to belief.

It is our way.
Taught to be exceptional,
an over-welcome to a stay.

In Fourteen Ninety-Two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
Their past was resolute,
The future an adventure.

The cross and the sword destroyed a world,
To create a world.
The future can only be destroyed by our past,
If it is our way at last.

To learn to forget...

We are fighting against things we cannot see, as blank and powerful as the great wall of slurry that came pouring down into the Emery River and beyond. (Pierce, 2016)


Happy New Fucking Year

I have noticed that I haven't really paid attention to this place. The shingles are getting worn and who knows what the hell is growing out of the carpet. To show how much I endeavor to please I am now on my new year footing. Cindee and I are as well as we can be and the future looks as bright as it ever has be.

David Bowie is gone and I have no words, yet. Maybe I can give him a retrospective on some other media. I will leave you with SOUND.