Ball of Confusion

Laugh Tracks

The trail of the funny,
Meanders ever backwards.
In an infinite spiraling loop,
With interchangeable punches and lines.

Artificial sounds emanate,
Out of a plastic wasteland.
Humorless squeals, mocking surreal,
And the brightness dims on the watchers.

Noxious gasses; getting giddy,
A spike through Gaia's heart.
Serious smiles straining and selling,
Under grim furrowed brows.

Chest thumping love monkeys,
Shrieking for more.
With a merciless mocking and lust,
And empathetic indifference.

Screams, tears and maniacal laughter;
Hysterical rides and rails.
Gods write comedy and mortals cry,
Of a lost cause's humor found.

Enter the killing zone.

Where prey is canned and scanned.

Wrinkles in time,
Within frayed edges of impossible dreams.
Soulful, hopeful traces of irony,
Masked by tears shed at its passing.


Who Will Stop the Rain

Farting in the Wind

Marine Corps spokesfunctionary:

"the actions (pissing on the dead) portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps."

Ask Smedley Butler about core values and then get back to me. Same song, different dance...



Empty Pages

My mind whirls with such frequency these days. Yet, I am gripped by an overwhelming madness that has been creeping steadily on my soul. This perception is so glimmering obvious to me that I can't find the precise words to express my tribulation without careening off into dimensions yet unfounded. Some would call this writer's block, but for me it is as if I took a gigantic "bong toke" of head-spinning pot and tried to fix a flat tire.

I inspect the wheel in question and scratch my head for a bit. Then I circle the vehicle three or four times for no other reason than to try to grasp the situation. Next, I open the trunk and pull out the crap that is covering the spare and I notice a book I hadn't read in years and proceed to sit on the bumper and read. After a few pages I become parched and go into my car and look for my water bottle, whereby I see the pile of trash that has been piling up in my back seat and think to myself, "I need to clean that up."

I now need a plastic bag to contain all the refuse so I go back to the trunk and remember I am supposed to be changing a tire. Needless to say, it will take me another 30 minutes to figure out what I am doing and finish the job.

I need to focus...