My impressions are not yours. My jovial nature has nothing to do with my acceptance of your banality. My choices are what is left of degradation. I look upon the horizon and see black smoke-tar billowing. I gasp, I choke... Pa rum pum pum pum.
Looking back on a life of banality, I am so disappointed. I wanted so bad to make a mark. Instead, life made a mark of me. Asshats and grubbers make the world go round and round... pa rum pum pum pum.
Marking time is what is left. I could not outlast them. Time is the key to truth, after all. I wish for a fish as big as a whale for our kinder souls... Pa rum pum pum pum.



What to do, What to do...
The villagers are not very happy with the burgomeister for the crimes of the previous fearless leader. Yet, we haven't grabbed the pitchforks and lit the torches, yet... The monster lives and he is us.
I have said this so many times before it really gets old. I have no desire to hate you or rape you. I am a love machine; nothing more, nothing less.


Spinach: Nature's Steroid

Spinach Dip
Moldavian Spinach Soup
Spinach with Hot Bacon Dressing
Main Course
Spinach Souffle
Spinach Pie

Then get ready to RUMBLE...


A Day in the Life

I use to be pretty,
I use to be fine.
Now I wallow in pity,
and drink from the slime.

I tried to be worthy,
I tried to be fair.
But failures engulf me,
and seeing is queer.

I know of nothing,
I want more than this...

A world full of hunger,
A striving for Truth.

We need...

Clinging release from time honored myths.
Stinging rebuke from pasts gone by.
Loving embrace to meet our everyday sighs.

What is life but love,
What is love but life.



Tears of a Clown

It is one thing to notice that the emperor wears no clothes, it is quite another to publicly remark on this condition. The expected reaction is a beatdown by the emperor's cronies, lackeys and thugs or a polite nod and a shake of the head by those whose observation is aligned with the speaker but whose lives are better off pretending it is isn't. Then there are those who profess genuine outrage over this disclosure and they are a class unto themselves.
It truly blows my mind that we have not progressed beyond Plato's cave and allowed reason to overcome ignorance. Why do we rationalize the relative? Is it to preserve our sanity? Our morality? It makes no sense to me. Our cultural brain synapses are going to snap and the result will be terminal.


Under Pressure

Du do du dah
la li la la
now what the fuck
I am going to say this once. Tea baggers are nothing but shilled repubs. Kind of like Mafia 2 if you want to see the movie.
You want pablum? you want excitement? you want to be something? god damn we are so fucked.
I hope you are in the mood for irony and exploitation. I have no brain for anything else; I am gone. Question???????????????????????????????????
geez, riddle me this Batman.



Open, close, turn the knob. Where does the time go after entering or exiting? I am done watching. In the final analysis this is all moot. The "greatest country that ever was" is nothing more than a glorified Rome, Spain, France, England, et al... ad infinitum... I am no longer bothered by hypocrites who proclaim their superiority by projection, nor by puffy hullaballoos who make judgments by passing gas off with words they neither believe or understand. I will squander what is left of my existence on a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises...

My love for individuals will never cease. However, you group-minded hive clusters can go fuck yourselves. Bob's genius will never be understood. Ever... This feels like the end of something, yet I feel more of a beginning that is yet to be.

Starts, finishes, a loud noise. Where are my thoughts after I am done thinking? I am starting to think again that I am never done with thinking. Insanity looms on my horizon, yet I am so perfect it will kill me; or at the least you will kill me. Therein lies the crux. The bard knew. Deep down in the recesses of what is left of your right, you too acknowledge. et tu Brutus? I will not go quietly, yet my scream is primal. Drowned under a fury of hate and fear and greed and loathing that is what we have become.

My love will never be extinguished. My hate is nothing but a hole. an emptiness from which there is no escape. It has driven me thus. I was perfect at one time; now I am unaccptable. I know this and to me I exclaim a truth that will never be undaunted nor denied.

I Be...


For Want of...

For Want of a Nail

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

English Nursery Rhyme (14th Century)



Sixteen months and counting. Where does the time go when living the dream. Rip Van Winkle I am not, yet I truly enjoy the sound of a strike. Before you return to regularly scheduled programming a word please. Tonight when you look into the sky and see the vast array of twinkling lights, open your mind to the vastness of this wondrous array and entertain yourself with a notion of the beautiful emptiness that occupies the space between you and each pinpoint of brightness. Embrace this chaotic perfection and marvel at its truth.

We are stardust, we are golden...


The Smith of Words

I am of a mind that thinks you belittle me?
I am of a mind to spank my little monkey.
Do you think your words are chosen?
or may perhaps just spoken.
I have no recourse but hell in its damnation.
I am me and you are you but never the twain shall meet.
Most words are for grifters and I am not one such.
But if the word agrees with me; I'm stuck.
Complete your bondage tour for us and the sooner you leave the better;
we'll say we give a fuck.
and then Lie through our teeth.
I have no time for your shit, nor do I have shit for all your time.
I gasp and exhale poison delivered to me daily.
Thank you...