Fear as a Break from Greed

The GOP (god's only party) has two, count them , two features that are the crux of their platform and the seeding of their base. From the selfish and affluent to the ignorant, bigoted poor and middle class they screech their gospel of hate and money. They are about physical power without any trppings of intelligent discourse. It is raw and in your face. Some say this process took 30 years and I say that the GOP has been around since even before Roman times in one form or another. The "god people" and the "gated ones" will never be convinced that they may be wrong or that logic, fact or common sense mean anything different in context and truth than their opinion. They are absolutely, positively right because they have MORE god or money than the rest of us.
You know I have never had a dull day because of these two groups. It would be splendidly humorous in a side-splitting way if it were not for the fact that these are the people who create our laws and with straight-faced seriousness refer to themselves as the "grown-ups." Well, keep my ass parked at the kiddy table because I am going to stay a toys r us kid forever. Fuck these people and fuck most of the rest of you schmucks because you tolerate this bullshit. Well, toleration just got you over 3$ a gallon at the pump and god will be coming to a school and public area near you (e.g. Grand Canyon National Park.)
Alas, the irony is all but lost in the feverish pitch for blood and treasure. Fact: the cycle of poverty in this country, and in the world, will never be broken if the majority of its people continue to vote and work under conditions which are against their own self interests. Also, for sublime irony you just have to admire (with a sick feeling in your gut no less) the sheer audacity of the names these cretins give things. "Right to work" state means the employer can fire you any time he wants for no reason; "right to fire" would be more appropriate. "Healthy forests" mean cut the buggers down as fast as we can. "Clean air" means lowering the EPA standards. It goes on and on and on and on...
WAKE UP ASSHOLES, they are coming after your children and grandchildren next. They don't just want your money, they want your service in the never ending war against verbs or things. A final irony: they only make up at most 25% of our population, yet they will bury us in the rubble caused by their blindered rush to jump the cliff. You have been warned again. You were warned each of these previous times by me and my voice was unheard. Nixon, Reagan, Bush !, Bush !!... A common thread is woven at the sheer mention of these names.


One Down, 45 million or so to go...

No more polluting of our brains via god's voice on Earth. It has called him away and I am thankful. Just another grave to dance on before I too shed this mortal shell. I really, really, really did not like this man. He was the carnival barker that spoke hate to millions and in turn made millions off of these shills. I will put aside my liberal anger for a wee nano-second and look skyward in painless bliss for the world is indeed a better place without Jerry Falwell. Good riddance, asshole...


Dreamer, silly little dreamer...

Can you put your hands on your head?
Oh, no!
Oh, no!