The TRUTH is frightening: The Closing of an American Mind

I have absolutely no respect for any Republican politician as the national focus of this party of criminals is based upon lying, cheating, stealing, and destruction. I truly am dumbfounded that anyone in the lower class (yeah, I simplified this problem–two classes: Rich and everybody else, which is about 90-95 percent of our population) would vote for a Republican. Ever!

Quick history lesson: Nixon lied, cheated, stole and destroyed. Then resigned. Ford committed a travesty by letting him off the hook, but added the “pardon gambit” to the Republican strategy; a far worse legacy in my mind. Reagan... What a tool he was; sock puppet extra ordinaire and a hater-baiter*. Here’s a list of his greatest hits: Savings and Loan bailout, Iran-Contra, El Salvadorean death squads (Is it terrorism if we do it?) and the War on Drugs (BTW how is that one going?) Just to name a few. When someone uses the word great to describe St. Ronald I know the title of this piece is correct. Next, Bush the first uses the “pardon gambit” to stifle investigations into the Reagan administration’s lying, cheating, stealing and destroying. Operation Desert Storm need never had happened and is another example of using the military to pound the bejeebus out of some small fry (I am reminded of school yard bullies at this point.) Anyway, he was a one hit wonder and we get Clinton... republican light. He screwed us with his Free Trade Agreement and got a blow job. If I had any doubts about the Republican party at this point (I didn’t) they would have been put aside as I watched them in full glory as they became so unhinged that they impeached Clinton for the above mentioned act; no, not the FTA, the other thing.

I am not even going to attempt to describe the presidency of Bush the last except to say he has elevated Republican ideology to art. Bad art, but still art. In closing, these monsters are laughing at you as you vote to put a collar around your neck and struggle longer and harder for less and less and less. When the truth is inconvenient, we have no right to ask about our liberty.

*hater-baiter: A person who uses fear to incite prejudice and