The Fish Cheer

One of the major hurdles to our progression from caveman to spaceman has always been the propagandist. They willingly toot their own horns and outshout their opposition with deceptions, deflections and distractions. This creates an illusion where it is nearly impossible to understand what is truly happening. This is why it is important that Rupert the kingmaker be brought low and his media empire dissolved. These are not nice people and it would do the world a kindness to be rid of them and their ideological power brokers (The criminal syndicate formerly known as the Republican party.)

Patience has been both a blessing and a curse for me (mostly a curse) during my entire cognizant life. One cretin at a time. If this plays out in this country like it appears to be playing out in the UK then we are one step closer to a world of justice instead of greed. Again, one cretin at a time. Maybe we will see the reinstatement of The Fairness Doctrine, but that would be getting our hopes up to much now wouldn't it?


Double Envelopment

I can't imagine the democratic party being as obtuse as it has shown itself to be in the face of such obvious inhumanity (criminals formerly known as republicans.) There are many explanations for their (democrats) actions, but two stand out. The first explanation involves their complicity, or duplicity in the destruction of our economy in the name of austerity. The problem was created by the GOP and by following their dictates we will be diminished further. The cynic in me yearns to be wrong, but 40 years of waiting for something to happen is a long time.

I tire of my pessimism. We have reached a point in time where even the most jaded and secluded of minds can see that something is wrong. The good news is the thugs known as republicans haven't a clue that their selfish philosophy is repugnant and by seeming to compromise with them we are in fact hastening their end; I HOPE.

It is time for this monster to die at a metaphorical Battle of Cannae.

In effect, the Roman army had defeated itself.
It had solely relied on the superiority of its legionaries, having lined them up and told them to advance. No use had been made of the superior numbers, other than to simply add more ranks onto the back of the advancing columns. As the Carthaginian units manoeuvered, nothing was done to counter their actions. One simply did what one had always done - advance.
And the superiority of their legions perhaps made them rely too heavily on their soldiers alone.
In short, Roman tactics were non-existent at Cannae. The Roman force acted with brute force, charging at its dangerously clever opponent like a bull.