Happy Days

For crying out loud, stop it!

In the eternal lie there arises a truth,
One who harbors this illusion is mistook.
No means no and will we ever know,
The purity and perception of a look.

I have glanced at means,
I have glanced at ways.
Me glancing forward means no ways,
Selfish bottoms are plump with dreams.

Dreams of nothing...

Yet, most trite swells from insipid places.

As harbor lights fill us with joy,
Mere humans succumb to its ploy.
Wiring figures of lines and planes,
Bold is the giver of names.

The player of games,
The bible of James,
Are the most soul soothing flames.

Becomes an absolute in the eyes of the sinner.
Takes your fear and moves it.
Blindly swallows power.

All is incomplete,
I am incomplete.
Truth is incomplete.
All is incomplete.


Wide Open Spaces

In  a  defensive    world  we  can  not    tolerate       this.                           Breakdowns...        Make                  believe      is     real!!!     I believe   in               the      "money"       fairy.    Is there any doubt of its power?        She has burdened me with debt and it's daughters have sucked the life from me.

Harpies have nothing on this....

Withdraw fees



I'm just a singer...

hope floats

fear is lost hope...

YOU are the only important part of anything.

This is where we are.