Happy Birthday Mom

For 11 years I have missed you. Your memory lives within me and I think of you and Dad and the others who have gone with fondness, love and tears. Happy Day...
Love, Bobby


Born Under a Bad Sign

"Well, I've been down so goddamned long, that It looks like up to me..." It is now well past the time of surrealistic fade-ins and fade-outs. I have reached the limit on what I now perceive to be a most foul air. I have to question my own thought processes when I look around and see a nation struggling with "war fatigue." Al Quaeda (the bogeyman) is back in force and everywhere in Iraq (just how the hell did they get into Iraq? Oh, yeah, we suckered them in after we outed one of their prime enemies.) Yes, I question my own senses these days because in all my years I have never, ever seen a group, cabal, syndicate, crew, mob, gang or political party operate with such wilfull ignorance on a deplorably consistent basis about, well, fucking everything.

There is no possible way that a person (with advisors and experts helping formulate each policy) could sink to the level of incompetence that Smirkey the Chimperor has even with a million other chimps banging away on keyboards. None... So, in the absence of the impossible we must tend with what is possible and the only explanation that can even begin to solve this problem is even more loathsome than the misery we have witnessed. For in my past analysis I made the error of assuming that incompetence and hubris were the major contributing factors to explain the swath of destruction that emerged from every policy decision this administration has made. Also, I just can't seem to shake this image of the shithead smirking and joking as if he didn't give a shit about the trainwrecks he casually passes on his way to destiny. Don't get me wrong, Shrub is incompetent and a narcissistic blowhard, but the smell emanating from the white house is not that of failure. No it is a much fouler miasma wafting downwind upon America.

The oligarchs have found themselves with their most perfect set of cronies and underlings since
Smedley Butler exposed their last grab at the golden ring. The thugs, fixers, moles and stooges assembled to do their master's bidding is downright macabre. Within 18 months there will be one supreme fuck up that will have all America in awe of this administration as the government slowly grinds to a halt and is immersed in a tub under the running faucet of largess, cronyism and beauracratic incompetence. This is what is in place at this moment. The only functioning part, besides the security and police functions of the Executive will be the Justice department, and this will only operate until they have burned every document, book, pamphlet that contradicts the new world order (corporate statism.)

I could see the trappings of this in Nixon's days and could easily predict the end of the republic at that time. The bloodless coup of the Weimer government in Germany was but a dress rehearsal for the industrialists, financiers, capitalists, etc... The Prescotts and the Walkers were playing the game by its new rules and these rules are not bound by ideology or other such emotional sideshows. No, it is pragmatic in its beliefs and unstoppable in its ravenous hunger for more and more and more. 21st century wars will be exclusively about resources and will be fought less and less by standing armies and more by corporate mercenaries. the new game is the crux of capitalist evolution and the multinational corporation is the entity which will usher in the stateless society.

Read the preamble to the Constitution to get a hint of what I believe to be the only logical explanation for the almost daily manifestation of malfeasance by this repub administration. Now, keep in mind that these are the founder's justifications for having a government.
I think you will agree that the government we have today in no way even pays lip service to The Preamble. Government was thought of, and still is by a good majority of us, as a necessary evil. There are some societal, economic and political functions that must be regulated to insure fairness, health and security. They must be impartial and non partisan in their tasks. This is not an area where you want the private sector to gain a foothold as they have in the last 30 plus years. The rethugs told us they were going to "drown the baby in the bath tub" and damn if they aren't one crises or two away from achieving it.

1. To establish Justice. Simple enough, fair rules punished consistently with consideration given for unique circumstances. Also, a need for an impartial settling of disputes. The authority given by the people to the state to act upon behaviors which are harmful to people.

2. Insure Domestic Tranquility. Governments rule by consent and to ensure confidence they must adhere to maintaining an environment that is safe and where its citizens are free from tyranny and persecution. Safe at home, work and play.

3. Provide for the Common Defense. This is basically calling on the citizens to serve in a militia organized by the national government so that any invasion upon the soil of the US would be thwarted with minimal loss of life. Defense is a word that speaks volumes about the nature of violence. DEFENSE...

4. Promote the General Welfare.
A government must also provide for its less fortunate in their times of need. Today, we would also include education and health care as these will promote and bolster a citizen's sense of caring for all Americans. A truly free and noble nation is one in which there is concern and care for the weakest and the poorest so that they are clothed and fed at the minimum and a place to stay is provided until such time as they can once again contribute to the greater good.

5. Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity. By adhering to the above policies by providing a fair and equal footing for all citizens liberty is nourished. The enemy of liberty is uncontrolled power and unchecked authority. If the overly ambitious were left to regulate themselves without checks then liberty would soon be replaced by fear and greed and it would only be a matter of time until the Constitution itself would be worthless. No generation is allowed to mortgage the future for any reason without a means to repay their posterity.

So, in order to create this nation the individual states had to relinquish most of their sovereign power to a central authority, the national government. The states agreed that a federal system was truly a more perfect form of government than the previous one and wisely determined that the newly formed nation would require a centralized control of policy. This, my friends, was the apex of The Enlightenment.

An argument can be attempted by making a general sweeping view that The Enlightenment was a period of intellectual growth in science, politics, philosophy, music, art, literature, etc... such that for the first time the church, and to a lesser part, Royalty, was not a dominant part of a major social and intellectual movement. The people of The Enlightenment had liberated themselves from papal and royal authority and were answerable only to empirical truth in their questioning of the world around them. Liberty was valued because of the inherent qualities of truth that freed people from the narrow minded dogmatic and despotic authority that had previously ruled their minds and bodies. The non-secular version of the world was born anew and despite the continuous assault on liberty by the modern day equivalents of the papacy (church) and aristocracy it has endured. I stand in awe of just how extraordinary the makers of this nation were. I stand in utter contempt of the people who use fear and hatred to usurp our liberty in their hyper-ambition to consume more and more of everything as if the Earth was a giant game of monopoly and its inhabitants pawns to be used until sacrificed or destroyed just so that they may have more shiny beads than their neighbor.

GW is no child of The Enlightenment. The power structures in most countries are patterned similar to corporate businesses with variations here and there and the odd exception that proves nothing except that the first world has not found anything to exploit there. The Enlightenment as a guiding human idea was supplanted by Imperialism and thus we have money and power replacing truth as the wars for resources begin.

What? You thought we were fighting them over there so we wouldn't have to fight them here. What? You thought we were bringing democracy to the barbaric people of the Middle East. What? You thought Saddam Hussein had WMDs and he was days or weeks from launching them on our cities. What? You thought that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the attack on the WTC on 9/11/2001. If for some reason you believed any of the these excuses for sending troops to Iraq then you are either a lazy thinker, ignorant or a mouth breathing Fundie who couldn't think himself out of a paper bag unless someone told him how.

Fucking god damn you righteous pieces of shit. Your god is such a cry baby loser, and you his chosen people, the cry baby hypocrites who love their brothers as long as they are white and who love the baby jeebus so much. Kiss my ass you haters. There is nothing admirable about being stupid, so just shut the fuck up for once in your life. Step back and truly see what it is you think you are doing. Who are the liars and the thieves? Find them and you have found your enemy. Hint: it is not the Mexicans or the Blacks...


Teach Your Children

Surprise, Surprise... Libby has been freed from serving his prison sentence. You know, I just can't fathom the nuances (it has to be mental unbalance) of the rethuglican mind. What do I call the last thirty years? A TRAIN WRECK. What little good that has been accomplished by this nation (and I really don't consider getting rich noble or beneficial) has been utterly wiped out, pissed on, pissed away, shit on, left out in the rain, sleet, sun, snow, fucked over, fucked under, FUBAR, etc... and etc...

Let's see, two dem presidents, both from the south, what the hell is up with that? I seem to recall that those "states righters" lost that war. Never underestimate the power of a goober. Where was I, oh yeah... 1976 we get Carter, a very conscientious man and intelligent. Unfortunately he didn't kiss the right congress critters ass and he played "this old man" until Iran revolted and we took the Shah in and then his jig was up. Reagan and Bush I helped that along, but I'm explaining the dem party's executive shortcomings, not SOP rethug strategy (see lying, cheating and stealing for starters.) 1992, after four years of Bush I and eight goddamned years of St. Ronnie the drug store truck driving man, we get Clinton. Another intelligent man, and bonus, he knows how to press the flesh (sorry, I couldn't help it.) He's also a man who will say and do anything to remain popular with any large group. His biggest accomplishments are what he doesn't do (dismantling phase one of rethug manipulations.) For Ra's sake, he actually helped their agenda along. I wept when NAFTA was pushed through and I watched as disgruntled groups made their bones and "domestic terrorism" crept into our homes via the idiot box.

So, you see, while we were being slowly asphyxiated by rethugs for the past 30 plus years, the dems did nothing but loosen the garrote, so our pain and woe could be prolonged. I wrote a piece in October, 2001, where I state that it would almost be better if the rethugs kept office permanently as the dems are so slicked up also that the inevitable outcome, corporate statism, would only arrive sooner. 2006, we saw the dems seal electoral victory and what happens? samo samo. Damn, I'm tired of this crap. You would think that somebody would stand up to the rethugs and finally put this crime syndicate out of business. It's not like these guys are even trying to hide it anymore. Oh well, go back to picking presidents based upon who you would rather have a beer with and I will continue with my Spanish lessons.

Adios amigos