The Locomotion

The sirens are calling me. I hear them in my sleep. I see them above the rocky shoals, yet I must proceed. It is what I was born to do. I have little ambition, but I have a heart that beats with a rhythm that elevates me and, by extension, my soul to heights of wonder. Call it a "survival instinct" if you must, but I am forever trapped in a moment of clarity where the edges are frayed with a constant beat of lingering uncertainty. It is the human way. It is my human way.

Where has the time gone? I speak of youth as if I am still there. I speak of troubles and hobgoblins (real or imagined) that dwell in the recesses of our reality. I am convinced of my reality and have a pretty fair assumption that your reality exists, also. The differences are distorted only by perception. Unfortunately, from my perspective the fluctuations originate from me and flow outwards. A rather egocentric view, but it is the best I have. I can comprehend most realities at both an emotional (myth) and intellectual (history) level.

What I believe is ground in reality. MY REALITY. I will always respect (love) the human who saves lives. That respect is lost if that human believes this gift to be an entitlement. Power is not a tool lightly used. Especially the power over human life. We will evolve or perish. There is no alternative. In an extended historical view the choices we make determine our situation and, ultimately, our fate.

Hints abound and I hear whispers of an awakening occurring.This both enlivens me and excites me. We must abandon the past to its only useful purpose (as a guide and warning of the pitfalls that await us.) I trust in our youth. They have learned from the best we have to offer. It is only through their heightened awareness of our bullshit that humanity may be redeemed. I do hope some of us have done their job..

The future will unfold with or without humans. This much seems true. In a universe as wonderful as ours it seems ludicrous to believe that a world of salesmen should be our our only hope. It might sell well on the home planet, but its baseness, superficiality and deceptions make for bad comedy (see Disney for the blueprint). My part has been scripted for me. The predestination I perceive is of my own (myth) making. I will never abuse that power. This is as close to truth as I will ever come.

Joy to the world and the collective sound of our souls. We are special but we can never be exceptional. Perfection like that is reserved for gods.


Crap I would say if caught with my hand in the cookie-jar

"Tragically, we believe this was a case of mistaken identity by the officers."

And we go from here as if this is not a systemic problem. 
 I am not impressed to say the least.
We have people in positions of power and their only recourse is,
"My bad, move along, nothing to see here."
This does not bode well for the innocent.

More History

The 60's were full of diversity; one couldn't avoid it. Wolfman Jack was an icon. I was both repulsed and intrigued by his massage; fallout from the 50's. That his massage lasted until the 70's has to be explained from other sources. We did love him.
However, the 60's happened. Poor little youth given a voice. A shame, yet a blessing bcause some saw the charade and, to my chagrin, many did not. Free love meant "free" stuff to some and now we are where we are.

I am so sorry for our failure...


As a younger human I understood words to be worthy. I progressed to an understanding of the past as a key to the future. I have come to understand the present as a precarious simulation of both words and the past.. Where does the time go...

My first love as a child was music. I retain that trait yet am mystified sometimes. I remember singing this song at an early age. It was my favorite first song.

Where do we go from here...
Jump ahead a few years and we get a glimpse to the extremes I had wrought upon myself.

I still cry when I hear this song...

I have gotten over Santa Claus, but I will never get over the loss of Puff.

I was and 
am a victim of my environment.

Then these guys came along and I lost all sense of time and space.

I have been trapped in this musical paradox ever since.