Revolution Number Nine

Now, let's see if I (the american) can reach into my cultural steam trunk and fish around for an example of American Exceptionalism. Ah, here it is... Alright, who's been shitting on The Constitution again. Why, the Preamble has a most putrid smell emanating from the brownish smudges that I believe were words at one time.

Is it me? I can no longer tolerate the level of discourse that passes for wisdom in this willfully ignorant nation. WE THE PEOPLE have little or no conception of the reasons we allow governments to be established in the first place. (hint hint: it is not to protect corporations and confuse it with foreign policy.) The stain of complacency, greed and fear has reduced US THE PEOPLE to the role of spectator and a number to be taxed because, face it folks, we are delusional; content in our false belief of greatness and virtue.

Scratched into the drying excrement that covers the first paragraph of The Constitution is:

"New Preamble"
We, the corporate overlords and our lackeys and psychophants, in order to form a more orderly society for our continuing benefit hold that governments must be created to legitimize our plutocratic authority, establish pay as you go, we'll make it up as we go Justice, insure domestic Tranquility by surveillance, random searching, expanding police powers and private security, provide that the commoners in the armed forces will Defend american corporate global interests until they too our privatized, promote the general Welfare by relabeling it special Welfare and using it to enable american corporate global interests, and secure for ourselves the Blessings of Tyranny by mortgaging our posterity and leaving the bill for the people's children and grandchildren and they can secure their own liberties after taxes. We also ordain and establish the right to make shit up and call it defending the Constitution for the USA.

There really are not many options left to us at this late juncture. A "storming the Bastille" moment is needed, yet highly unlikely. Our government has forsaken its people and any pretense of our "noble and just" position in the world is pure crap. The source of our greatness is raw, naked and brutal power. This is compounded by a ruling class that is devoid of originality and a host of lackeys who are quite frankly incompetent. We are definitely in for some interesting times. The elephant, bear, bull and donkey will leave quite a mess before they are through. My hope is that there will be something left. I believe we are at an evolutionary branch where our species' survival will rest on the degree of damage our desperate masters leave in the wake of their demise. The "Resources War" phase of the "Great World War" has begun and I don't believe anyone has noticed.

"You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world."


PHD plus one: And Two Criminal Events Later

There was a time when I took information at face value and went along for the ride. This was and remains the most damaging of reckless behaviors and one in which I quit "cold turkey" a year before I took up less damaging reckless behaviors. I bring this up to remind, yeah right, to educate a nation of Ignoramus' (if that is at all possible.) The policies of the US government in its global relations with Japan (thwarting Japanese imperialism while expanding US imperialism) were the primary causes for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 65 years ago. Euro-US imperialism was and continues to be driven by racism and xenophobia.

WTF question # 1.) Compare and contrast the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with the US invasion/occupation of Iraq in 2003.

WTF question # 2.) If you voted for Bush in 2004 and you still believe he is a competent president, why should you be allowed to ever vote again, let alone breed or, Zeus help us, raise a family? If you've changed your mind about this vote of yours in 2004, then you can go fuck yourself because you are a lazy thinker, if you think at all. What convinced you that you fucked up?

WTF question # 3.) What is more important, SECURITY or LIBERTY? why?

WTF question # 4.) Make two lists of the reasons (justifications) for this administration's invasion/occupation of Iraq. Label the first one "Official" and label the second list "An educated guess or something I pulled out of my ass."

WTF question # 5.) Based upon correct responses and well reasoned essays from the questions above, why in the hell are the people who are responsible for this mother of all clusterfucks still making decisions instead of being impeached and jailed for war crimes?

People, I don't want to play this game anymore. You have been deluded into believing that this is the greatest nation to have ever been in all of history. I know this because I just graded your WTF test and your critical thinking skills are minimal, your knowledge of history is pathetic, and your acquiescence in destroying the Constitution and perverting the Golden Rule makes you one ignorant prick. This ignorance coupled with an insanely rabid arrogance is the most disturbing feature of the 25%ers. It is not ok to be stupid. It is terrifying to take pride in your stupidity.