Custard Pie

Farting in the Wind edition 3

Anyone who says this:

"My staff over-reacted to (activity) and for that I apologize, freedom of speech is among our most treasured freedoms."

Shouldn't be allowed to govern an ant farm. He can't even take full responsibility like a good functionary; what a tool.

Blow me, GOP...


I am the Walrus

Farting in the wind edition 2

Anyone who utters these words out loud:

"My most sincere and personal heartfelt condolences go out to the families and loved ones of any members of (insert group name here) who may have been killed or injured (by the war drone attack.)"

Is as bereft of compassion as the self-deluded nation for which they serve.

The functionaries seem to be farting in the wind a lot these days.



Krugman krugmanned an anti-Krugman this Krugmangiving Day.

Today I saw a headline in some business publication that began with the word Krugman and then I proceeded to read the article and it was about George "Needledick" Will; not a word about Krugman.



Tears of a Clown

Farting in the wind edition

Anyone who utters these words:

"I take full responsibility for the events on (insert date here) and am extremely saddened by what occurred."

And is not summarily punished for their wrongdoing, has taken you and the victims of their actions for the mindless rubes they think you are. Can your minds not fathom the evil cynicism in their feigned sincerity? Full responsibility will never be taken by a functionary. Token heads will roll and then we will move on to the next atrocity and the next quasi-apology and the next muddleheaded faux inquisition.

I am extremely saddened.


I have more in common with doom saying right-wing nut jobs than with the placid middle of the road MUGWUMPS who wouldn't know the difference (or care) between an electric bill and the Bill of Rights. Sad, but true. Strip away the wingnut hate, ignorance and bigotry and their message is one of doom. Depression sets in when my thoughts turn thus. I foresee no reasonable escape for my conundrum, nor do I desire one at this point. I only hope that what arises from the ashes of this mockery of life will be its antithesis. (I'd pray if I believed in a sky god of some kind, but I don't so I won't.)

American culture is devoid of true compassion (we know the words to the song but not the meaning.) It is a culture based upon violence and atrocity. Hell, we have made cruelty a national meme. Our art is split between a glorification of violence and a disneyfied world where everyone is a star. "Bread and circuses" have been replaced by "blood and syrup." Our beliefs are dictated by god and its god, money. Our customs and laws routinely punish the weak and charity is a sign of weakness. This is not culture, but misogyny. It is a breeding ground for "doom and gloom" with "shock and awe" as its marketing strategy.

Mean Mistreater

I harbor under no delusions of self-perceived moral superiority. I observe, absorb, analyze, synthesize and evaluate. My conclusions are based upon an understanding of what I perceive as wrongdoing (I may be wrong, but I don't think so.) However, this perception is limited, in this analysis, by what I consider to be violence. Violence is a willful harmful action inflicted upon others. The reasons for the actions are moot. There is no moral balance sheet that can redeem a "bad" action by a consequent "good" action. However, contrition may rectify or recompense the person(s) effected by the malevolence if a return to the conditions that preceded the violence can be obtained. This would not mitigate the original deed itself, but could be construed as a "good" action.

Moral hair-splitting is reserved for non-violent acts. If but a single life is lost or livelihood destroyed then the deed can never be allayed. This is not rocket science. Neither is it law. This is about conscience and morality. When, and if, we can rise above our "random acts of violence" mindset and petty selfishness we may achieve a moral backbone that praises good over a malignant hatred of ourselves.


Bad Moon Rising

Malice: An After Thought

Minerva's owl has departed,
Was it only a ghost?
A spirit that has left,
No solace.
I am and I am bereft,
No substance or clue.
As a shell.
Crying rivers like promises,
No secrets to tell.

Here stands the grand old primate,
Regaled in glory!
Flesh stripped to the bone,
In sleepless caverns alone.
With callous nerve askew,
And powerfully weak.
Playing pawns with the game,
Beautifully bleak.

Whimsical portraits hung in effigy,
To art that is frozen.
An imagination of reality,
Proles sworn to fealty.
On this day,
We knew we'd rue.
Our mourning this morning,
Of comatose gloom.
As gladfully happy insects,
we praise the war drones of doom.

Wisdom (Fly Away)
Beauty (Fades to Black)
Goodness (An Anchor)

Truth be damned.


Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

93 years ago today the Guns of August were silenced. The Great War took a respite and the victors took their pound of flesh. In this, the greatest country ever, we took solace in the fact that we only lost a couple hundred thousand lives as opposed to the millions murdered in Europe. The decadent "Age of Monarchy" was rightfully put in the dustbin of history and the emerging "Age of Capital" assumed its mantle.

We honor the functionaries today. They deserve our notice. For the soldiers of the world have sacrificed and been sacrificed in the name of illusive glory and unrequited honor. Sacrifices which sent many to their last moments. Fodder of cannons and goats of scaping; a sadness wells in my heart.

Remember at your own peril.


Me and My Arrow

It should be noted that 99% takes in a lot of rich people. Is this class warfare or am I missing the point? Also, we of the lower class are divided by so many differing ideals and beliefs that it appears to be insurmountable. Sex and religion alone account for the vast majority of divisions, let alone economic and political philosophy. We also have the functionaries whose sole purpose is to "protect and serve" the masters of the universe by pretending to uphold principles like law, justice, peace, ad nauseum.

The US System is broken beyond repair. Corruption is the "New Normalcy." Be good americans and if you promise not to say anything about it we'll leave you alone; for now. My life is too short to worry about such trivialities; my children and grandchildren can handle it. It's not my problem; fuck you I got mine. What would you have me do; I am only one person.

What is the point?