Happy Days

For crying out loud, stop it!

In the eternal lie there arises a truth,
One who harbors this illusion is mistook.
No means no and will we ever know,
The purity and perception of a look.

I have glanced at means,
I have glanced at ways.
Me glancing forward means no ways,
Selfish bottoms are plump with dreams.

Dreams of nothing...

Yet, most trite swells from insipid places.

As harbor lights fill us with joy,
Mere humans succumb to its ploy.
Wiring figures of lines and planes,
Bold is the giver of names.

The player of games,
The bible of James,
Are the most soul soothing flames.

Becomes an absolute in the eyes of the sinner.
Takes your fear and moves it.
Blindly swallows power.

All is incomplete,
I am incomplete.
Truth is incomplete.
All is incomplete.


Wide Open Spaces

In  a  defensive    world  we  can  not    tolerate       this.                           Breakdowns...        Make                  believe      is     real!!!     I believe   in               the      "money"       fairy.    Is there any doubt of its power?        She has burdened me with debt and it's daughters have sucked the life from me.

Harpies have nothing on this....

Withdraw fees



I'm just a singer...

hope floats

fear is lost hope...

YOU are the only important part of anything.

This is where we are.


Trolls and Other Miscreants

Feeding my zombie-like brain is difficult. I am of the ZOMBIE DEATH generation. We feed on your brains and this is not easy. There will be heads on the pike before my term is over. We learned well, but not well enough, from the GREATEST GENERATION.

Chickens always come home to roost and this translates into Americaneze as reaping what you sow (blowback).

Through the thicket of the most brainiac of ideas comes one startling conclusion.
Masters need their servants.


Bottom Lines

It's a funny thing that happens to most of us. Life (such an ordinary thing), living (putting food in our mouth and all that) and the pouring of emotions on our world stage is but a glimmer in time.

It seems that with age comes many chronic problems, but the one that stands out most is my true appreciation for most of my fellow travelers (not the greedy souls who suck us dry, nor the selfish ones who cry why), but the ones I love. The ones we love.

(the rise in income inequality equates with the Reagan years.)

St. Ronald the Reagan was not the beneficial leader some of us have come to believe. He was a shill. Nothing more, nothing less...

Reckonings and redemptions are harsh folk. Beware the trail you leave if you fail to understand; it is ridden with ash and gore. A gasping people await to breathe again and this will come; all untruths must pass eventually.

We are alive (we always have been.) We care about things. This is how it begins and ends. History is a bitch.


Paint it Black

Every bit of hope I have is tinged with fear. I obsess over the possibilities that pervade my mind. There is a contingent that seeks to destroy us. Go tell Moses of his failure to lead us. He only offered temporary seclusion anyway. What one of you is not CHOSEN? The Hebrews stole their religion. The Christians did likewise and the Muslims have tried to perfect it... They all have failed, but it doesn't make our existence any less true or our canons more false. It is our grand expression.

Explanations are simple in their mythic form. Rising above all myth is truth. There is darkness and there is light. This is as simple as it gets. In our darkest moments we have an inner light. It can be anything we want it to be. This higher power is within each of us.

I am, you are, we are...


Creation and Myth

     Composing is part of  our daily duty. To make our strife important we may embellish our truths. I have no problem with this. I believe in YOU and I will never cease this belief. You may seek to undermine, or over mine, me in my perceptions, but I have never wavered from my belief.
     I have created a world within my brain and it has sustained me. I have hopes, fears and bothersomes that have plagued me. I have tried to disregard them and I have tried to ignore the tediousness that bothers me so. My life is my given. I am and have been lessened (in the strict sense) by it. Failure becomes (in the long sense) a consuming passion and devours my soul with it's mundane and oblivious nature.
     I worship the stories we tell. They have been my life's blood.  In their world we live by a different sense of rules.I would kill, sacrifice or otherwise die for any immortal beings if I had the chance. What I have in this realm is choice and I choose life  I am not super human nor supra-human. I am your friend, your brother and your neighbor. I am your savior; as you are mine.

    We are creators and we are myth makers.

    I love our stories and that makes me happy.


Little to Offer

Plodding through all I am unstruck (my word so fuck you) by the need to identify with subcultures. For that is what we have attuned ourselves to; subcultures. I had pretended I knew what culture was about until I faced the sub-culture. Now, I know only what culture is not about. Sub-cultures exploit.  If I have my special place within a unique group I am safe. Damn the barbarians!

I am a Marxist. "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member," the sage once uttered.

To his personal dismay there are clubs devoted to him today. Irony is lost on those most prone to point it out in others. I truly shake my head and for this I am rewarded with headaches of the most severe kind. They go away, eventually, because they involve the rattling of my brain within its cranium instead of true thought.

The battles, tribulations, crises we have allotted to us are minuscule compared to the ability of each of us to see and do good. There is nothing in my experience that can't be overcome by love and light. Be good to each other in your own way.

That's all I have...


Meandering Observations

It is almost like clockwork. I have tremors of deja vu from when I was a pup. The signal event in my life and for American history was "Watergate". No bureaucracy complained, made a fuss or deemed this event worthy of reproach. We were "locked in" to an ever spreading disease of corruption of epic proportions and we had no clue. How many potential whistle-blowers shut their pie-holes? How many decent and honest people clung to a remnant of their humanity because of this? This one event displayed the panorama of ignorance and shame that I have never come to grips with.

Sociologists beware.

Forgiveness and redemption are supreme in our catalog of virtues whether we like it or not.

Perfection is a desire, but it is also a pariah.

Many depend upon this.



I love to reminisce.

Being a history teacher the past is one thing you can always dwell upon and call to enliven an idea or an epoch.

As a lad of seven I experienced my first true USA election (1964). The nuns at our school force fed the politics they understood. They were by their nature anti-war and Barry Goldwater was a hawk to his very core, so it was LBJ all the way (little did we know). I follow their other tenants to this day because they were true women giving voice to universal truths. They are all based upon one simple truism: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. At seven I had very little understanding of anything except that I wanted to play. I knew my family was not voting for Goldwater (for many reasons and his inane insanity might have been part of it).

At eleven (1968) I knew what a “Tricky-Dick” was. I also witnessed national sadness and personal awareness for the first time (assassinations of public figures, Chicago and Kent State to name a few). I was sickened by this slaughter. At fifteen (1972) I had lost interest in my political surroundings because of many factors (pot, girls, sports, etc...) except, I had retained an almost disturbing quality to question everything because my education left so much unanswered.

Everything never turned out to be much. I voted Libertarian for three national elections (I still consider myself a social libertarian, but the Libertarian Party has gone completely off the tracks.) I have never trusted the government or its bureaucrats. In 1988 I voted for the last time in a presidential election. I voted Democrat for the first and last time. Our electoral process is beyond flawed.

To this day I feel America (the United States) and the Democratic party lost their only hope that year and they blew it. I have no respect for either party. The Democrats lost my favor because of this betrayal and to this day I have witnessed them slowly turning into something I loathe as much as I have always loathed the Republicans. We are lost in spite of our voices. My grandfather’s party (Democrat) died and no one mourned. He had the dreams and passed them on. I believe all of us need to search within ourselves and ask some very serious questions about ourselves.

Many of our unions have been corrupted. When the only solution to our labor problems is made out to be evil we are fucked. People have little conception of the power they have. Unions (or whatever you want to call groups of interested people with a strong voice) will save your asses. Without them you are a lonely voice screaming echoes into a canyon.

There are many problems we face as a species (not a sub-group or nationality). We have a class war. Our survival does not depend upon our masters. We will do fine without them. Look around and take it as fact that most people despise ass-kissers and rats (not whistle-blowers). These are the people our masters depend upon.

Personally, I despise ass-kissers and rats (not whistle-blowers). I usually don't use universalities but I make exceptions now and then because of the natures of these groups.They have no redeeming social values. None. They promote a culture of negativism and shame. They have the same perspective as our masters in that they wish to further enrich themselves at the people's expense and so they endure themselves to their masters (which they will never achieve in spite of their favors or their lackey ism.)

We have choices to make. The first is to let things go on as they will: which is not acceptable to me. The second is to push back. Realize one thing; this is not about you, but what you can do to preserve whatever dignity you can for your children.

That is the only reality and reality bites.


Sprites in the Sky

Another library closed...

your genial host

...Nuff said.


One Way, or Another


Let's put all the cards on the table. Are we or are we not an empire? The answer to this question would solve a lot of problems. Mainly with the half-hearted, half-assed people who believe their lives are not interwoven with the rest of us. I have a deep apprehension about discoursing on this, but I must. Empires, especially oligarchic ones, must be vigil to any change that would disrupt the flow of treasure. Our empire is safe from most criticism. Our media and academia insure that we are sufficiently institutionalized to our roles as citizen-consumers while our politicians and bureaucrats expose us to the "realities" of  systemic indifference. Their is little to believe from these "authorities" unless we look to the fringes and peel away the rhetoric of their messages.

First, we should not be so naive as to think we have freedom in the sense that we can do what we want, where we want or when we want. We still have that liberty, but the freedom to choose which road to hell we want is not really a choice; or freedom or, in a strict sense, liberty. Second, the ability to get what we need is slowly being marginalized, stigmatized and privatized to the point where many of us can't even afford to obtain these basic needs and it doesn't appear to be getting any better. Thirdly, we seem to have many solutions to this problem, but they are based upon fixing a system that seems more capable of replicating itself than to solving its inert problems. So, what can be done?

Fight it, Flee it or Flow with it.

How does one fight for the freedom they believe they deserve? One simple solution would be to take every judicial matter brought against one to a jury trial. No plea-bargaining. Another would be to demand warrants for the most simple of police requests. A third would be to gather enough food for two-four weeks and then not go to work or buy anything. If enough people had the will and the stamina to do these things it would be enough to bring the judicial/capital system to its knees and promote either a violent reaction or a positive change. It's a coin flip there. I'm not holding my breath.

If you have the money it is easy to leave this place and all of its problems behind you. Start again somewhere else. Learn a foreign language and get the hell out of Dodge before the walls bust down upon you (and us).

If you aren't worried about your freedoms because you are a good person and only bad people have bad things happen to them then you will allow, even welcome the inevitable (erosion of your rights) to occur without remorse or even a second thought because of your perceived security. "I am much too busy to worry about that person..." Besides, we all have our own to take care of; don't we? Economic security ain't what it used to be, either. So, "fuck you I got mine" becomes a mantra and we become dependent upon artificial corporate charity (501c) to achieve what should be natural.

Freedom and our greatness as a country are taught to us from an early age. Too many adults still believe this crap and are one of the many obstacles there are to achieving freedom and greatness. Our "greatness" does not stem from our altruism, but from our money and the power we wield in its name. I dare a "leader" in this country to come right out and declare our American Empire for what it is. They would probably be shocked that many of  the US citizens wouldn't give a shit as long as the money was rolling in. But, alas, those times are changing. The money we have rolling in isn't really there. I have a belief that all the depressions and recessions before were just economic mock-ups for the shit to come (complete market meltdown). Much as the Nazis and other authoritarian regimes before were but dry runs for the socio-political crackdown and the pablum to follow in its wake.

God Bless America!

(The irony of this map is lost on most people and it saddens me.)


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

This is the ultimate view of compromise. Go for the gold and take the silver; so to speak. What is "the gold" today? It itself is a compromise. Nobody envisions or perceives the compromise before the compromise. because our national news is a failure. We have a perspective that is skewed by the news givers. Mass media has had this power since the dawn of the news givers. It is a heavy burden to bear. Propaganda is not something new; it is just something being perfected and used on a massive scale today.

Understand this... I have no belief in a country of laws. What we have is a country of men (rich, white men mostly) and this bodes ill for liberty and equality. I have a belief in community. i have a belief in justice. I have the most profound belief that an enlightened person can see beyond lies, diversions and distractions. This is my dream.

I don't ever want to disappoint myself.


Then There is This

On the Terrible Weight of Conscious

It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties... Who does not see that the same authority which can establish Christianity, in exclusion of all other religions, may establish with the same ease any particular sect of Christians, in exclusion of all other sects.”

Paul was the great Coryphaeus, and the first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus. “

Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God, because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blind faith.”

As to Jesus of Nazareth, my opinion of whom you particularly desire, I think the system of morals and HIS religion, as HE left them to us, the best the world ever saw or is likely to see; but I apprehend it has received various corrupting changes, and I have, with most of the present dissenters in England, some doubts of his divinity.”

And so we begin...

Moses was not a Christian. The point to having Moses and others (some who are pagans) adorning the Supreme Court building is to emphasize that we are a nation of laws. I would argue about the increasing banality of this concept except that I am discoursing on religion and the banality of it at this time.
Religion serves no purpose other than to control people by replacing truth and reason with authority and faith. I have no idea or conception of what god is, but I do know what god isn’t. Truth does not come from the pulpit, the government, nor the TV. It must be sought with reason as your guide and an open mind. Only you have the power to determine value. Only you have the power to see through the distractions, projections and lies that authority uses to confuse and divide us. Truth is freedom.

It is not my contention here to declare the death of god. I am not in contact with the ethereal world. So, any conjecture on my part would be ludicrous (much as any priest or preacher). What I will try to portray is the feelings of inadequacy, humiliation and impotence that I observe originating from the religious fundamentalists in the three monotheistic religions. Each of which has traditionally incited anger and racism towards each other. 

To argue logically with religion is tantamount to a lesson in futility (first, they will ignore you, next they will ridicule you, finally they will persecute you.) Religions have stacked the deck against all arguments (death is the only solution.) The true crux of fundamentalist belief amounts to an ambivalency with modernity and its legacy to surpass even the wildest of imaginations. If the "second coming" happened today god would be amazed (shock and awe come to mind) at his following. Hatred and ignorance are the creeds of the "believers." Love and knowledge have been usurped.
Lets begin with the inadequacies posed by the Religionists and by extension any strict moralists 1.) They abhor the god "mammon" yet horde more money and consume more resources than a common person (why?) 2.) Their moral standing is that they alone can teach morality, yet they commit more immoral acts (war and its glorification) than of any one group of people. 3.) They have an innate fear that they are wrong (which they are) and will do "anything" to prevent that fear from being exposed.

Faith is the only armor they have. From these three premises we can assume that their inadequacies are founded in their basic nature (hatred of anything different.) It is my belief that they horde money and resources to "hedge their bet" in case they are wrong and to insure their continued dominance and control (money is power.) Second, they are not truly immoral people, but honestly believe they have a divine right to inflict their version of the "wrath of god" on anyone who believes different than them (those people are the reasons for our failure.) Finally, they are powerless against the EVOLUTION of a humankind they did not get to vote on or reduce to a slave-like existence. Faith is not knowledge, it is glorified ignorance.
This brings us to their humiliation. History is not the grandest of teachers (because of most humans disdain and disregard with, for and of it) yet, we/they are forced to acknowledge that the names of their gods have brought more death and destruction than any mere caveman could possibly dream. I was educated by nuns in a Catholic school. From them I learned about the persecution of Christians in ancient Rome. I didnt place the connection then to the fact that the Romans were basically secularists (who supported a religion based upon myth) and Christianity was a threat to their government until it was finally usurped by the emperor and the oligarchy.

As their empire waned they needed to placate the masses with “bread and circuses.” Christians were a growing minority at this time and in an effort to eradicate them the Roman authorities would execute them in the Coliseum and other arenas (thereby creating martyrs which fueled the rise of this troublesome sect.) The crumbling Western Empire was based upon the powers of an over extended military and guided by a corrupt oligarchy (sound familiar). Christianity provided the framework with which they could maintain their hold on power (if you can’t beat them, lead them.) The Catholic church emerged from the ashes of the Roman Empire.
Our modern day oligarchs have surpassed the Romans in terms of relative power, yet at its heart the American empire’s reliance upon perpetual war and the corruption that abounds within the government will surely speed its demise at some point in time. Our masters use of religion as a tool to placate the masses will wain first as people see the contradiction inherent within this ideology (hate requires an enormous amount of energy.) The zealots in this group have no humility and our therefore not subject to historical criticism (in their eyes.) No one can hide from history for too long. Fear of god is not enough to placate the hordes (in the long run) and the slow decay of our educational system will allow the religions to survive (for awhile), but not as a sustainable power and definitely not as a social force.

Lastly, we arrive at the ultimate reason for my essay; power. It is remarkable and downright scary how religion has amassed the power it has in spite of science and The Enlightenment. Yet, it will be the downfall of them and their gods in the long run. The gods of Ur, Egypt and the other parts of the world have long abandoned us and their legacy will be undone at some point in history. Corporate interests will see to that. Whether these "corporate" interests are aligned with the religious zealots or not it does not matter (economic trivialities). Truth will win out. The corporation is the root of most of our evils. This personless entity cannot help itself. It is what it has been legalized to do. Pity should be reserved for those who sanctify and glorify its existence.
The Religionists have made a bedfellow of this entity. Mind you, I am very afraid of the climate instilled by this very small minority of people (and, of course, global corporate interests) but, if history is an indication of OUR will, than the people of this planet will prevail. We may, and probably will, suffer through a modern "Dark Age," but in the end we have to rid our world of these artificial objects (religionists and corporations) They are the obstacles to our growth. We must put an emphasis on our need for a curious, natural humanity that sees the world through the eyes of truth. We will have a modern "Renaissance" and be all the more wiser as a people.
Let the "CLEANSING" begin.

We are not as much a misguided folk as we are a mislead folk. Truth, beauty and goodness will win over dogma, commitment will win over blind following, reason will win over ignorance, love over hate and goodness of heart will win over greed. This is our human legacy, this is Beauty. This, I believe, is what most people truly want.


Desert Rat

126 degrees and I just can't get enough. Summer has crept upon us like a two ton sledge hammer. No more gradual rates of heat plumes, this is the 21st century version of "it wasn't me" and "I didn't know the gun was loaded." I feel as if I am living in a wonderama dream/nightmare machine of pre-WWI army mobilization; only on a permanent scale.

We can't help ourselves. The drive to do right has been replaced with an inescapable bureaucratic haze of indifference, backbiting and finger-pointing. Small social victories are a step in the right direction, but the behemoths are not to be coddled easy. We are in this for keeps. To believe that any one country on the planet can assume the role of "steward of the Earth" is madness. To further believe that the U.S. is that country borders on the criminally insane. Hell, we can't even trust our own citizens.

I just moved out of the most hellish place (sociologically) to the most hellish place (climate-wise). I am happier because of this (and I just got my internet up after two months without it.) I am no longer a statistic on a chart (although realistically who isn't) drudging through some fairy tale version of success for some egocentric boss who believes in this shit we call "the real world." I am back to my calling hoping that in my narrow view of this world that I can do right and maybe soften the dread that is to come.

One soul at a time. This is my mantra.


Unfuck the World

"Good is all that serves life, evil is all that serves death. Good is reverence for life... and all that enhances life. Evil is all that stifles life, narrows it down, cuts it to pieces." (Erich Fromm 1964)


In Spite of it All

I have remorse, rage and regrets, but I have no doubt that this is still the best I can hope for in spite of it all.

May you be at peace with all your demons and put them aside when you listen to this.

I did.



Can't kill it,
Smoldering ruins left in its wake.
There is substance still,
This spirit never dies.

Stardust, molecules forming,
Dissolving, reforming,
into eternal oneness,
Forever changing; forever staid.

I'd laugh if I could,
I'd cry and scream.
I'd shake the very foundations,
of a world besotted.

There is no hope,
but only in hope lies salvation.
The dichotomy of truth,
petty plagues that give life to the NEW.



forsakes the OLD.



Aren't we such a permissive sort.

I have your back until you become the varmint I despise. Many people speculate. I don't...

Don't become the asshole or dick you really are.

I might survive your bullshit


Jeesus fucking H Christ, I am so  overwhelmed by the idiocies of our race, gender, religious bullshit that I can't break my way out of a paper bag if I tried. Is not our existence based upon the rightness or wrongness of an action.

Race: What does this really mean? Is there some "race" that is superior? I hardly think so, so we can disregard this as a means to determine rightness or wrongness (unless you are a true racist).

Gender: This is so ludicrous it should not even be mentioned except for the fact that many women who have grasped power do it through the prism of patriarchy. They are but pawns of the existing order. This is not their fault, it is the fault of our perception and our grasp of a rightness or wrongness of a position regardless of gender.

Religion: There is no redeeming value for religion within our techno-modern world. Religions have become nothing but another of the malignent 501 (c)(3)s that have plagued us with their false hopes and tax dodging.

We can do better than this. I have no singular solution for our maladies except this:

  • There are two classes and there have always been 
  • We are not a part of the elite class (the BIG ONE).
  • You have more in common with your supposed enemies (race, gender, religion) than you do with the other class (the BIG ONE).
  • Voting, demonstrating means nothing to these people (they are bought and paid for).
  • Refuse to work, in collusion with others like you, for a day, a week, a month... whatever it takes.

Remember this; they have been fighting this battle since the beginning of history. Your little battle means nothing. Our many battles will topple them.

If you are comfortable, be happy...

If you have been upset by this turn of events then maybe you need to rethink your allegiances.


The Locomotion

The sirens are calling me. I hear them in my sleep. I see them above the rocky shoals, yet I must proceed. It is what I was born to do. I have little ambition, but I have a heart that beats with a rhythm that elevates me and, by extension, my soul to heights of wonder. Call it a "survival instinct" if you must, but I am forever trapped in a moment of clarity where the edges are frayed with a constant beat of lingering uncertainty. It is the human way. It is my human way.

Where has the time gone? I speak of youth as if I am still there. I speak of troubles and hobgoblins (real or imagined) that dwell in the recesses of our reality. I am convinced of my reality and have a pretty fair assumption that your reality exists, also. The differences are distorted only by perception. Unfortunately, from my perspective the fluctuations originate from me and flow outwards. A rather egocentric view, but it is the best I have. I can comprehend most realities at both an emotional (myth) and intellectual (history) level.

What I believe is ground in reality. MY REALITY. I will always respect (love) the human who saves lives. That respect is lost if that human believes this gift to be an entitlement. Power is not a tool lightly used. Especially the power over human life. We will evolve or perish. There is no alternative. In an extended historical view the choices we make determine our situation and, ultimately, our fate.

Hints abound and I hear whispers of an awakening occurring.This both enlivens me and excites me. We must abandon the past to its only useful purpose (as a guide and warning of the pitfalls that await us.) I trust in our youth. They have learned from the best we have to offer. It is only through their heightened awareness of our bullshit that humanity may be redeemed. I do hope some of us have done their job..

The future will unfold with or without humans. This much seems true. In a universe as wonderful as ours it seems ludicrous to believe that a world of salesmen should be our our only hope. It might sell well on the home planet, but its baseness, superficiality and deceptions make for bad comedy (see Disney for the blueprint). My part has been scripted for me. The predestination I perceive is of my own (myth) making. I will never abuse that power. This is as close to truth as I will ever come.

Joy to the world and the collective sound of our souls. We are special but we can never be exceptional. Perfection like that is reserved for gods.


Crap I would say if caught with my hand in the cookie-jar

"Tragically, we believe this was a case of mistaken identity by the officers."

And we go from here as if this is not a systemic problem. 
 I am not impressed to say the least.
We have people in positions of power and their only recourse is,
"My bad, move along, nothing to see here."
This does not bode well for the innocent.

More History

The 60's were full of diversity; one couldn't avoid it. Wolfman Jack was an icon. I was both repulsed and intrigued by his massage; fallout from the 50's. That his massage lasted until the 70's has to be explained from other sources. We did love him.
However, the 60's happened. Poor little youth given a voice. A shame, yet a blessing bcause some saw the charade and, to my chagrin, many did not. Free love meant "free" stuff to some and now we are where we are.

I am so sorry for our failure...


As a younger human I understood words to be worthy. I progressed to an understanding of the past as a key to the future. I have come to understand the present as a precarious simulation of both words and the past.. Where does the time go...

My first love as a child was music. I retain that trait yet am mystified sometimes. I remember singing this song at an early age. It was my favorite first song.

Where do we go from here...
Jump ahead a few years and we get a glimpse to the extremes I had wrought upon myself.

I still cry when I hear this song...

I have gotten over Santa Claus, but I will never get over the loss of Puff.

I was and 
am a victim of my environment.

Then these guys came along and I lost all sense of time and space.

I have been trapped in this musical paradox ever since.


Happy Fucking New Year

Well, here we go again. Another year and another beginning. Joy. Hope.  All the good trappings of a fresh new start. I never discount good thoughts. I harbor these with extreme prejudice. The future is all there is to me now. I fear nothing because I will survive its calamity. I fear nothing because death is a friend that beckons and calls; I can't answer it yet.

We will continue to squabble over tids and bits. This is our nature. There can be no peace... ever. We are a violent and virulent group. Our history speaks volumes and we can never deny our heritage. Our brightest and best will not overcome this and we mourn our fate.

Happy New Years Motherfuckers because it begins as it ends with a bang and then... nothing.