I love to reminisce.

Being a history teacher the past is one thing you can always dwell upon and call to enliven an idea or an epoch.

As a lad of seven I experienced my first true USA election (1964). The nuns at our school force fed the politics they understood. They were by their nature anti-war and Barry Goldwater was a hawk to his very core, so it was LBJ all the way (little did we know). I follow their other tenants to this day because they were true women giving voice to universal truths. They are all based upon one simple truism: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. At seven I had very little understanding of anything except that I wanted to play. I knew my family was not voting for Goldwater (for many reasons and his inane insanity might have been part of it).

At eleven (1968) I knew what a “Tricky-Dick” was. I also witnessed national sadness and personal awareness for the first time (assassinations of public figures, Chicago and Kent State to name a few). I was sickened by this slaughter. At fifteen (1972) I had lost interest in my political surroundings because of many factors (pot, girls, sports, etc...) except, I had retained an almost disturbing quality to question everything because my education left so much unanswered.

Everything never turned out to be much. I voted Libertarian for three national elections (I still consider myself a social libertarian, but the Libertarian Party has gone completely off the tracks.) I have never trusted the government or its bureaucrats. In 1988 I voted for the last time in a presidential election. I voted Democrat for the first and last time. Our electoral process is beyond flawed.

To this day I feel America (the United States) and the Democratic party lost their only hope that year and they blew it. I have no respect for either party. The Democrats lost my favor because of this betrayal and to this day I have witnessed them slowly turning into something I loathe as much as I have always loathed the Republicans. We are lost in spite of our voices. My grandfather’s party (Democrat) died and no one mourned. He had the dreams and passed them on. I believe all of us need to search within ourselves and ask some very serious questions about ourselves.

Many of our unions have been corrupted. When the only solution to our labor problems is made out to be evil we are fucked. People have little conception of the power they have. Unions (or whatever you want to call groups of interested people with a strong voice) will save your asses. Without them you are a lonely voice screaming echoes into a canyon.

There are many problems we face as a species (not a sub-group or nationality). We have a class war. Our survival does not depend upon our masters. We will do fine without them. Look around and take it as fact that most people despise ass-kissers and rats (not whistle-blowers). These are the people our masters depend upon.

Personally, I despise ass-kissers and rats (not whistle-blowers). I usually don't use universalities but I make exceptions now and then because of the natures of these groups.They have no redeeming social values. None. They promote a culture of negativism and shame. They have the same perspective as our masters in that they wish to further enrich themselves at the people's expense and so they endure themselves to their masters (which they will never achieve in spite of their favors or their lackey ism.)

We have choices to make. The first is to let things go on as they will: which is not acceptable to me. The second is to push back. Realize one thing; this is not about you, but what you can do to preserve whatever dignity you can for your children.

That is the only reality and reality bites.


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