Blinded by Science

      All present life must end in order to replenish future life.

     We are stardust; a twinkle gathered and redistributed at a point in time and space.

     We shine with both the fire of the sun and the reflective glow of the moon.

     Treat each other well for this is the best we can do.


Dreams of Being

A world caught upside down for no reason other than to placate lying thieves and soulless cretins. I am riddled with the myth of ages and yet my perceptions are clear as glass. How is the view from a cloudy bluff?

Perpetual and Infinite Limits

One day I woke to find,
I had left the past behind.
My body felt every collision,
of my presence...

and collusion

With here,
With now.

A silver ball, rolling here,
There-- I really didn't care where.
Just keep rolling--No speed limits,
Never stop... Don't ever stop.
Absorb the shock,
Friction, heat, air flow, cooling.
Sensual immersion.

White hot-- Brilliance,
Searing flesh and tissue.
Melting bone and nerves.

Colors invading, billions,
Sharply blending flat.
Clear and present I hear colors...

Red Herrings
Blue Mondays
Yellow Scares

Explosions of sound and light,
Colors unite.
I become all as none,
Gray to the billions.

Dichotomies, a matter of scope:

on off on white black white yes no yes go stop go
Win lose win laugh cry laugh I you I Love hate love
Happy sad Happy true false true good bad good girl boy girl

And sequence...

Where does it begin?
Where does it end?

What is it?

It is here,
It is now.

Open up the universe-- pop.
I am becoming cosmic before
my disappearing self.
from my diminishing view the
microcosmic lessens as the subatomic
worlds encompass infinity.

A universe within
and a universe without.

Omniversal dimensions beyond time,
Infinite layers sharing space.
up down in out left right forward backward,
Chaotic madness never to be defined.
Order some order controllers.

A silver ball in motion.
no top, no bottom,
all top, all bottom, inside and out

Understanding only through being, being, being, being, being, being, .....
What Cause?

It is you
it is me
it is life
it is death

it is all... (nothing more and nothing less)

World's collide
Universal sustenance,
Markers forgotten in a
Perpetually infinite NEW.

Old becomes relative and
Inconsequential to what is
Absorb all experience
The past prevents the future-now ever to become.

Creation didn't happen and
won't ever happen!
Creation is here and now
no points
no lines
no circles
no grids
no registers

Creation transcends Place and is impervious to time--
Laws, dogma and paradigms are irrelevant and without value or merit.

This is it,
That wasn't it.

It is here
It is not there.

What is it?
Why is it?
How is it?
When is it?
Where is it?

It is living live.
It can't be recorded,
nor predicted.

Memories are not it,
It will never be guessed, arrived at, or conjectured
about-- even educationally.

There, You have


808 2010


Dark comfort; an oozing splendor. Life forced out and I am left sobbing. Years turn to centuries and days are but minutes. Trauma explodes as I ponder a sugary coating upon shrubbery. Snow is misunderstood by desert creatures. Machines tear flesh into ribbons and a cripple emerges. Carefree and careless are synonyms for freedom. A wild child stutters, mumbles and is silenced for sins made by the fathers. Thus, creation is unmade and we are left to mourn our past, our present and especially our future.
That's the way the cookie crumbles...

Sweet Thing

Let's have a moment of silence for the biggest "shoulda, coulda, woulda" in the history of this "Great Experiment." It didn't work. The better angels of our nature were drowned in the bathtub and we are left with little to do but gawk and wonder at the sheer savagery and ruthlessness of greed running amok. It is a marvel to behold the seriousness of such petty minds in action.

Plague of Fools

People are stupid.

Given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything.

Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it is true, or because they are afraid it might be true.

People's heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it is all true.

People are stupid.

They can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.

People as a group defy interpretation. 

They move in herds and make noises.

Noisy groups get heard (pun intended).

I love loving...



Poetry Sucks

Life is precious because it is short.
There is no purpose or destiny beyond what you give of yourself.
Stop waiting to live or love life because of god.
You are better than this.

God is beyond the verification of science.
Faith protects the idea of god from proof.
Let us elevate hope to a truth,
In the end you and I are stardust.

Are we becoming sick,
From our own hate?
Not what to blame for our love of war.
Not what to believe; anymore.

Hating ourselves,
For the faults of money grubbers...

We have the internet to soothe us,
We have voices in our heads.
When did boredom become a thing,
What is the sound of a freedom ring?

Hating ourselves,
For the faults of money grubbers...

If you don't know one thing,
Then one thing seems like a lot.
We have the internet to soothe us,
We have voices in our heads.

Hating ourselves,
For the faults of money grubbers...