Chasing Some Tail

My entire adult life has been witness to the folly of exceptionalism; the grand folly of group think. I watched us glorify embassy workers as heroes because someone fucked up and made them so.

 (The CIA performed a coup to put this asshat in power.)

I watched us elect an imbecilic hater as president and glorify him because of his racist-light rhetoric and his promise to get government off out backs.

I watched as this same president let loose the dogs of war (San Salvador, Guatemala, etc...) and deny involvement with a straight face. I was sickened by our country at this point.

His predecessor was the last person you would put in charge (an ex-CIA director). He pardoned the previous transgressions and led us into a war which our country backed. Yes, America, we  told Saddam he could invade Kuwait. BTW, babies were not being killed by the Iragi Guard. That was american propaganda at its very best. This was the beginning of our never ending war. He raised taxes on rich people and lost his position of power. His family has been war profiteers and war criminals since before WW2. It didn't hurt him or his family at all.

We then elected Republican-Lite (we will soon elect his wife) and got NAFTA. This killed america as an industrial nation. He gutted welfare and led us into glory in the Balkans. His VP had no spine and we got the worst president EVER!

You now live in the wake of endless war and economic brinkmanship because of these  leaders. Wave your fucking flags and believe you are the exceptional people all you want, but at the end of the day you are hated just  as much as the rich fucks who put you in this spot. Your pitiful hate will not save you. In fact the more you push against inevitability the faster your demise will be.

It is written somewhere that you cannot fight an idea, unless your idea is better. The american idea is not something people want and for this america will fade into the dustbin of history. There may not be a better idea, but there are a lot of ideas that believe america is not the future.

America is capitalism and its time has come and it is time it is gone.

Hording riches for its own sake is not conducive to growth in the long run unless your world depends upon quarterly reports.