The TRUTH is frightening: The Closing of an American Mind

I have absolutely no respect for any Republican politician as the national focus of this party of criminals is based upon lying, cheating, stealing, and destruction. I truly am dumbfounded that anyone in the lower class (yeah, I simplified this problem–two classes: Rich and everybody else, which is about 90-95 percent of our population) would vote for a Republican. Ever!

Quick history lesson: Nixon lied, cheated, stole and destroyed. Then resigned. Ford committed a travesty by letting him off the hook, but added the “pardon gambit” to the Republican strategy; a far worse legacy in my mind. Reagan... What a tool he was; sock puppet extra ordinaire and a hater-baiter*. Here’s a list of his greatest hits: Savings and Loan bailout, Iran-Contra, El Salvadorean death squads (Is it terrorism if we do it?) and the War on Drugs (BTW how is that one going?) Just to name a few. When someone uses the word great to describe St. Ronald I know the title of this piece is correct. Next, Bush the first uses the “pardon gambit” to stifle investigations into the Reagan administration’s lying, cheating, stealing and destroying. Operation Desert Storm need never had happened and is another example of using the military to pound the bejeebus out of some small fry (I am reminded of school yard bullies at this point.) Anyway, he was a one hit wonder and we get Clinton... republican light. He screwed us with his Free Trade Agreement and got a blow job. If I had any doubts about the Republican party at this point (I didn’t) they would have been put aside as I watched them in full glory as they became so unhinged that they impeached Clinton for the above mentioned act; no, not the FTA, the other thing.

I am not even going to attempt to describe the presidency of Bush the last except to say he has elevated Republican ideology to art. Bad art, but still art. In closing, these monsters are laughing at you as you vote to put a collar around your neck and struggle longer and harder for less and less and less. When the truth is inconvenient, we have no right to ask about our liberty.

*hater-baiter: A person who uses fear to incite prejudice and


The Time has come...

Memorial Day 2008 (am I late? early? WTF.)

Anyway, I look around and I watch as cretins destroy and feed hate. I haven't been this depressed since Nixon...


Operation: Kaos

What in the hell is this about? Republicans sowing discord and hate to disrupt the voting process and then conspiring to instill a riot in a large city would be a crime in a mature nation of laws. The truly evil part is the gloating these depraved individuals crow about over their genius as they scatter from any source of light. Anyone who would purposely join the republican party at this time or piss and moan and throw a grownup sized temper tantrum with threats of voting for "the only person I can think of that would be worse than BUSH" because Clinton is not, I repeat, NOT going to win the nomination is not grounded in the reality I have experienced since Nixon. I would say Goldwater, but he was so bug fuck crazy LBJ waltzed into the WH in a land slide.
Let us review a few facts.
1. Nixon was a criminal
2. Ford's pardon signaled to the other crooks (R)that they could get away with anything and that laws mean absolutely fucking nothing to these greedy lying murdering thieves.
3. St. Ronald the Reagan presided over the biggest rip off of the taxpayer (S&L scandal) since, well nobody. Hoover (R) had Teapot Dome though.
4. St. Ronald the Reagan's administration were criminals. Iran-Contra and the October Surprise to name just two.
5. Funny how that pardon thing pops up at the same time every time. Hint: 1976, 1988, 1992, I'm going to make a prediction that 2008 will set a record for the number and seriousness of the pardons Bush will issue. Can he pardon himself? I'm almost sure he thinks he can.
6. If a republican says something, they are either projecting, denying or distracting (if not out and out lying.) Their grasp of mob psychology would be considered masterful if it wasn't based on greed, fear and hate.
7. Obama and Clinton are both centrists with similar ideas and voting records. St BBQ is a two faced, flip flopping, side of the neck talking con man who is in bed with the PACS and is sure to continue: a.) the purging of the Treasury for fun and profit, b.) policies that put more and more burdens on the under class (right, UNDER CLASS because there truly are only two economic classes.) c.) A continuation of Bush's Folly and a possible McCain's Folly to follow in his "100 years of War" mantra. d.) The final gutting of The Constitution as the oligarchy (MNC) will be firmly entrenched, and e.) the privatization of JUSTICE as he will probably get to choose two Justices.
I don't believe any issue facing either dem candidate compares qualitatively with any of the REAL problems of this country. Hell, sure as there are no more Raygun Democrats (I call them republicans) we will have a new group of haters arising. They will violently deny their bigotry or arrogantly defend their ignorance and they will never acknowledge the truth. To allow such an alteration to their world-view would cause such mental stress that I truly believe they would destroy a world in their ensuing panic. I will call these new seekers of the mundane, The Clinton Republicans.
I do hope your Absorption into the collective goes well.
Hey Rush,
here is what I think of you and your addle brained "Pinky and the Brain" idea,


Mourning a Best Friend

On Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 at 7:30pm (PST), I lost my dearest friend. I spent the last 17 days of her life in the same room with her and only left to go shopping for food or to pick up work to do at home. She died peacefully in her sleep and I have yet to achieve any type of normality within my head or in my heart.
She was an energetic, lovable and happy JRT in her 14 years on this cosmic rock. She chose me as her human at the JRT shelter in San Berdoo by escaping from her cage and jumping on me as I sat with the JRT the shelter had picked out for me. As she licked my face and nuzzled my hair I knew I had found a rare jewel. Her bright eyes and exuberance filled my days with glee and now I am saddened. I truly loved that little doggie and she will occupy a place in my heart until I , too, shed my earthly skin and become as her.
My tears I shed because of the emptiness I feel without her.
She was my best friend and I miss her so much
Bye Gidgie Girl,
Bye lil midget.



“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” Albert Einstein

"What a man believes upon grossly insufficient evidence is an index into his desires -- desires of which he himself is often unconscious. If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way." Bertrand Russell

"Chase after the truth like all hell and you'll free yourself, even though you never touch its coattails." Clarence Darrow

"There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth, the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings." Dorothy Thompson

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

"The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting; by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the truth." Pierre Abelard

"The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth." Neils Bohr

"Truth and Good are one; and Beauty dwells in them, and they in her." Mark Akenside

"The greatest friend of Truth is time, her greatest enemy is Prejudice." Charles Caleb Colton

Seven depressing years led by a depraved frat boy and one of the dark lords has convinced me of the utter moral bankruptcy our leader class has. We are in the throes of a perfect neo-destructive storm, and no one will utter THE WORD.


The End

And in the end, The love you take; Is equal to the love you make. Lennon-McCartney

It has begun.
Bloomberg, the very rich, white Independent, won't run because it is time for our nation to stop the partisan bickering and for the parties to work together to solve our many woes (they remember Bush I.)

Make them stop, please.

The media wants Obama as the Democratic nominee. Why? Answer: They hate Clinton. This to me is only a big deal because of this "power" the media believes they still hold on the majority of murricans. They do, but their grip is slipping.

McCain can say and do anything and he will still be a straight talking maverick who is a champion of all us little guys against the special interests and lobbies. Huh?

Republicans are not your friends. Repeat this mantra...

Democrats are disgusting, Republicans are despicable. Read this shit and weep...


The Phantom Menace

In the name of,
in the name of...
In the name of love.

Why is most of the world caught in the crossfire between two trivial groups of thugs. One within the US and the other centered on
Saudi Arabia and Islam. PNAC, The Carlysle Group, The Federalist Society, Bin Laden family, Halliburton, Taliban, are just a few of the players and it is interesting that there are connections from group to group that go back 30 plus years. Makes you want to sit back and ponder the conspiracies.

Oh well, money is not the measure of things for good or ill. Yet, it does seem to go to people's heads and make them spout some scary shit. Orwell rolls in his grave...

I just heard that Goldman Sachs has just bought a few casinoes in Vegas and Laughlin. The wind carries a most unpleasant odor and for the life of me I can not pinpoint its origin.

These are the days of miracles and wonder...


Why Rats Win

Never had any need for any military aid,
And I never took charge of the Light Brigade.
I got no castle to defend or attack,
But, still I seem to be picking up flak.

I'm at war with the world...

A person once said that actions speak louder than words, yet I am troubled. What if the action was the implicit lie evoked by those words? A version of Reality gamesmanship where the lie is the meta-message within the lofty rhetorical mega-message. Codes have become the language of the elite to give marching orders to their cadre of troglodytes. As the age of projection gives way to the "behind the curtain" OZ moment, we see what is before us and are ashamed at what we wrought.

How we react to our new found wisdom will determine our future. Will we "forgive and forget" as our enemy wishes or do we finally rid ourselves of this class of vermin and take control of the victory that was won almost 150 years ago. Remember, if you can, these people will not go away if we allow them the time to regroup and adjust their message of hate. HATE; yes hate is their message and from hate to fear to greed to unbridled selfishness they will be known. I am afraid that my fellow countrymen will succumb to the propaganda of the right and let the bastards have another chance.

If we should let them wriggle free one last time I dare say by 2030 the country will be lost to the corporatists and America Inc. will be carved in stone. Our conscience will undo us one last time. For this is the Rat's dirty secret and one which they have relied upon in the past and which they will scream at the top of their lungs over and over and over again until we are firmly ensconced within their fold; to be forgotten so as to wither and die.

This, my friends, is why the Rats will win...


Wake up Zombies!!!

Are you going to sit there and tell me you don't feel it? Shit, go down any street in town and it practically hits you on the noggin. Look at the price of gas and then recall that all of the major oil companies have proclaimed record PROFITS. When was it that you started buying bottled water? Why is wealth being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands these days? Please describe this Terror we are fighting a war against? Is it related to Drugs, as in the failed "War on Drugs" started by St. Ronald the Raygun during the rethugs last assault on our Constitution? Tell me how pardoning this group of thieves, felons and liars helped heal the wounds caused by the very same pack of cretins? I get a sense of deja vu again and again and again...

When Bush leaves office and the dems take over it will be time to heal the wounds caused by eight years of imperial rule. The dems will extend the olive branch to the thugs and let the past be forgotten for the good of the country. I can already hear the haters screaming, "The dems are dividers and their partisanship will destroy our country." I get a sense of deja vu again and again and again...

Spaceship Earth is beginning to show the results of its human infestation. The world is being plundered and trashed by our corporate masters and the zombies go to walmart. Hey you! Do you have any idea what overpopulation and pollution are doing to our environment? Do you care that the crises about to unfold will determine our legacy as humans? There is no magic techno gadget that will avert this tragedy. It is going to happen and the solutions available to us run the gamut from bad to worse.

The clues are there in front of you now. It is time for the zombies to awaken or diminish.

"Serfs Up!!!"


Two Cubed

I truly enjoy games and puzzles. Good ones will make you struggle as you grapple with its intricacies. I use to believe that the outcomes could only be measured in dualistic terms (success/failure) because we are then able to label ourselves as either winners or losers. How charming. The action itself is the reward, not the outcome. The outcome signals finality and it is a necessary component of all games. Another aspect of all games is the competition is played to stated rules and an even playing environment with stated boundaries. Participants themselves assume all risks to themselves by their participation. Life is not a game.

People that view their existence as a competition in a grand game are delusional and dangerous. Metaphorically, life is a game, but in this context it is assumed that the "players" are still bound by their own sense of fairness and that the outcome for these "players" is growth. It is solitaire and as stated above the "players" assumes the risk of their participation. One player equals one possible injury. People who use non-players in their game have no conception of the injury they cause and if they did and continue then they have no conscience.

These are people who have usurped their positions of trust and traded it for the psychophant's existence. Doom is a word that comes to mind whenever I see one of these "talking heads" spout his or her verbal diarhea to the masses. We have chosen safety and convenience at the cost of our souls and have become pawns in an insane game of global power. Do not think for a moment that these "players" will sully their hands with anything remotely resembling the causes for which they claim.

They are destroyers. They are fearmongers. There is no creativity in them and for this they are bitter. Their cries of war and death apply to those who are different from them and if history and logic are a guide then they will begin "eating" their own when the inevitable collapse of their projection occurs. You will know these people by their silent submission or their raving lunacy. I shake my head at the willful blindness of my fellow pawns and in hushed tones ask, "when will the sleeper awaken?"


Happy New Year

2008. This will be an interesting year. Don't be fooled by the derailment of our government and economy as these were mere stepping stones to the obvious agenda of a corporate feudal police state. They hate us for our freedom.

Yeah, yeah, I know it is a month late to be saying happy new year, but one minute I was basking in the glow of "war on xmas" firefight and the next minute some damn gopher is predicting the weather (more winter.)

I'm out of here...