What to do when you're doomed

I have purposelessly placed all my words in lower case for my title because I believe there are no editors left.

We have become the most insideous and greedy folk. I will not edit my own screed. I will let my missplells and grammar malfunctions stand. I am done with it all.

Have we nothing? Have we something? If you are a "voting" person than you probably believe their is hope. If you are the antithesis of this than you are more pragmatic.

Hope is what all people feel. Fear is the ripping of this from any life soul. I see turmoil and death. I see violent usurpation. I see pillars of life becoming the opposite.

Death wins and we may yet survive.


I Don't Know

I have been an atheist and a revolutionist and a liberal thinker my whole cognitive life. I am almost willing to join the "other" team because we can't win in the short run.

 Truth takes decades and centuries to be with held. I am human and I have no patience.

I have witnessed first hand the destruction of a society I admired. From the year 1975 we have been screwed beyond our own wildest dreams. As an imperial power we have followed all the guidelines and have "improved" upon them. I truly despise the nation I happened to be born into. I have no love for power unless it is in the hands of the people. I have no love for police or courts. These avenues have been corrupted.

I don't know what to do. Hide... and hope they don't find me (or us). Wait for their system to collapse and then HIde and hope they (ignorant survivalists) don't find us.

The system will collapse.

It is only a matter of time and will.