Ground Round: Tuning Jam

Time magazine has published this scathing attack on the liberal mindset. Guess who the author is? Joe Klein ( joke line)

A liberal:

1 -believes the United States is a fundamentally negative force in the world.
WTF world is he living in?
Fundamentally in this space and this time, YES.

2 -believes that American imperialism is the primary cause of Islamic radicalism.
WTF, read any good PNAC lately?
Imperialism defined as... (military bases in other countries to protect supplies of resources for transnational corporations.) YES, but fundamentally not a clear primary cause.

3 -believes that the decision to go to war in Iraq was not an individual case of monumental stupidity, but a consequence of America’s fundamental imperialistic nature.
WTF, so, Joe, when did you stop beating your wife?
BOTH (neocons are fundamentally destructive in their neo-imperialist greed.)

4 -tends to blame America for the failures of others—i.e. the failure of our NATO allies to fulfill their responsibilities in Afghanistan.
WTF is this question about?

NO, I blame Fundamentalism (religion and the Republican party) for the impending failure that is America. I am saddened by our greed, apathy and ignorance.

5 -doesn’t believe that capitalism, carefully regulated and progressively taxed, is the best liberal idea in human history.
WTF is this guy smoking?
YES, I would love to see this fantasy of yours pulled off. Capitalism is not even in my top ten list of great fundamental "liberal" ideas.

6 -believes American society is fundamentally unfair (as opposed to having unfair aspects that need improvement).
WTF, this article proves it...
Fundamentally, American jurisprudence, criminal justice and economics is unfair and getting progressively worse, YES (as opposed to a strong maybe, that could mean yes.)

7 -believes that eternal problems like crime and poverty are the primarily the fault of society.
WTF, Time magazine forget how to edit.
Society is such a generalization that it would not even be fair to fundamentally answer this question without a careful study of the dynamics that contribute to these "eternal" problems. NO ANSWER

8--believes that America isn’t really a democracy.
WTF, is this article some kind of joke?
YES, fundamentally we are a republic and if I were going to be flippant I would argue that we more closely resemble an oligarchy with republican trappings.

9 -believes that corporations are fundamentally evil.
WTF does this question mean?
A corporation is not a person, not even fundamentally, so it is superfluous to suggest that it would have human characteristics. Maybe we can enlist it (them) in our great and glorious forever war on terror. Oh, by the way, how is that war on drugs coming along. Jesus h christ, who thinks up this crap. NO ANSWER

10-believes in a corporate conspiracy that controls the world.
WTF... "So Brain," Pinky asks jovially, "what are we going to do today?"
Conspiracy or not, the continuing amalgamation and merging of corporations has created a situation where corporations are no longer national entities beholden to the people of those countries. The trend is there for this scenario to be realized, but as of this particular space and time. NO

11-is intolerant of good ideas when they come from conservative sources.
WTF, somebody get this guy a dictionary.
This statement is a prime example of what is fundamentally called projection. A liberal is inherently tolerant of all ideas. Value judgments are the end result of analysis, not the whimsical prejudice of a lazy mind. I'm sure conservatives have had a good idea or two, but for the life of me I can't name a recent conservative idea that qualifies as "good." NO

12-dismissively mocks people of faith, especially those who are opposed to abortion and gay marriage.
WTF, next we'll be spitting on soldiers and having orgies in public parks.
This is an outstanding example of a fundamentally lazy mind. One, he seems to have forgotten that he was calling liberals intolerant in his previous statement. My projection prediction bears fruit. While I derive no personal pleasure in mocking "people of faith," I have no problem with allowing people to mock, snicker, sue, laugh at, deride, make jokes about, humiliate, sneer at, flip off or any of the vast array of non-violent actions they can use to prevent "people of faith" from contaminating our nation and its laws with their narrow minded intolerance of that which they choose not to understand. Two, mocking has no particular victim when it is used and more importantly, I have yet to hear of anyone being mocked to death. There are anti-abortionists who have and will probably continue to use deadly violence and they have such a myopic perspective that they don't even see the contradiction embedded in their belief system. As for those who oppose gay marriage I have nothing but loathing for your bigotry and your hatred. YES YES YES. Mock the shadow people at every opportunity.

13-regularly uses harsh, vulgar, intolerant language to attack moderates or conservatives.
WTF, did he just press the projection button again? What a tool...
NO. Res ipsa loquitor

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