Mississippi Red Queen

About a year ago I read a poem about an infantry company whose C.O. implored his men to keep sloshing across a Vietnamese river. A platoon sergeant and the rest of the company followed the captain cautiously until he was chest deep whereupon the officer was swept away and never seen again. Oh, to see art which mimicked life truly imitate it in our present war. I am sure it will happen metaphorically to the New Big Dummy, but I am afraid it will not be enough to end the war or stop the cretins who feed off of it.

The Rethugs are already shopping their latest meme about; GWB is actually a "liberal." Jettisoning Bush is no problem to a culture with no soul. The corporatizing of the government is nearly complete and the mindless voting of the base of the GOP (christianists) will probably be enough to keep the party afloat until the final curtain. No applause please, just throw money...

I have tried and tried and tried to patiently inform the people I know that republicans have no intention of preserving this republic (irony.) I have done this to the detriment of my relationships with family, friends, employment and career, finances and marriage. Quite the superduperfecta if I say so myself. Anyway, as I mentioned above, the Tholian Web is nearly completed and for the life of me I have no concern for me and only a benign indifference to what our future will be.

I close with a quote I read by Digby.

I'm not big on blog triumphalism, but if there is one thing we bring to the table it's that our distance from that milieu brings some perspective to it. And from where I sit we have a decadent elite who rule on behalf of a political party that finds authoritarianism quite appealing --- as long as they aren't personally subject to it. Pardon me for thinking that might not be the best thing for the country.