Crisis Crux

The losers need to know,
They have a chance.
Families break and splinter,
and Return in the eternal dance.

Lessened, yes, but whole,
This is the cycle we have been bred to.
One rises, one falls,
Another takes the baton, it's true.

Will we remember a time,
when we all rose.
Days pass and our backward eyes haze,
Squinting to see or disparaging of our survival throes.

The bottom is the top to some,
The middle muddies all.
Dream the realness of dread,
Be the one who doesn't fall.

You will forever be in debt,
Of ones who love you, but regret.
You as a set,
of little more than a fish in a net.


Tears Fall from Rocks

A new year dawns and this is the best there is.

There are much more terrible people in the world then you. There are no people I know better than you. I have hurt you at some point in our lives. This is probably the only universal rule I know. Forgiveness implies regret from both sides.

I regret I have never asked it of you.

I do this now.

Our humanity creates bonds which wither and break for no reason other than a spoken word uttered in haste or a deed done which is spurned. Sometimes I wish I was never born, but I heed the lessons of my own life and curse myself for even thinking this.

I have failed if I can't err. You can fail in my eyes and my judgment means naught. By sleeping and waking you prove this to be true.

The strongest bond we have is love and with this pact comes the ugly and the terrible. I have no faith in a higher power other than you.

I am sorry for all the hurt I have caused and will cause; it is my nature.

Bring your love to me and I will return the favor.

Always and forever...