A Christian believes they can commit adultery, bear false witness, actively encourage murder. It doesn’t matter! They know that one weird trick. Just believe! God will reward them just because they believe the fables they were told as a child. I am personally offended for the hundreds of millions of Christians over the centuries who actually took their religion seriously and were duped by the charlatans to give their lives and meaning to this crapola.
There is an aspect of Christianty of allowing Jesus into your heart. But this was not meant to be the whole deal. And certainly the loony morphing of this into a “personal relationship” with God has effectively destroyed the religion for millions. It is the height of hubris. God as pal?! Whatever. The Bible as truth? Give me a break.
Allow for a second that there is one bit of truth in this belief structure and our actions here and now mean nothing. I just need to believe.
That is all; forever and ever.
How many people are willing to risk eternal damnation if all they have to do is believe?

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Please be a friend and listen to the little voices in your head.


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