The matriarchy


I am as much a victim of my environment as I am a willing participant. I believed in truths. I believed in others. I believed my elders would lead. I have never been so wrong. Money, greed. and fear have won. They will probably always win and I am a fool.

The magnetism of power is seductive.

I abhor its call. I should have been born a mute.

There is no savior.

It is up to you...

Love and Happiness


What to do when you're doomed

I have purposelessly placed all my words in lower case for my title because I believe there are no editors left.

We have become the most insideous and greedy folk. I will not edit my own screed. I will let my missplells and grammar malfunctions stand. I am done with it all.

Have we nothing? Have we something? If you are a "voting" person than you probably believe their is hope. If you are the antithesis of this than you are more pragmatic.

Hope is what all people feel. Fear is the ripping of this from any life soul. I see turmoil and death. I see violent usurpation. I see pillars of life becoming the opposite.

Death wins and we may yet survive.


I Don't Know

I have been an atheist and a revolutionist and a liberal thinker my whole cognitive life. I am almost willing to join the "other" team because we can't win in the short run.

 Truth takes decades and centuries to be with held. I am human and I have no patience.

I have witnessed first hand the destruction of a society I admired. From the year 1975 we have been screwed beyond our own wildest dreams. As an imperial power we have followed all the guidelines and have "improved" upon them. I truly despise the nation I happened to be born into. I have no love for power unless it is in the hands of the people. I have no love for police or courts. These avenues have been corrupted.

I don't know what to do. Hide... and hope they don't find me (or us). Wait for their system to collapse and then HIde and hope they (ignorant survivalists) don't find us.

The system will collapse.

It is only a matter of time and will.



Sometimes we need to make it known what the fuck we are about. I have a long standing love affair with Joni Mitchell. She was as much a visionary in her time as I strive to be in my time.Artists understand the present in terms of the past and give us the future. There have been few people that I understand to be artists. Joni Mitchell was pure. Her art was pure. This is Joni Mitchell at her best and purest.

There truly was one person who conveyed the "freedom" instilled in our childhood.

 I can not listen to Jimi Hendrix or other hard rockers without thinking of her. Neither can I hear Bob Dylan and believe they were not soul mates in their time. She survived in spite of the dogma of "hippiedom". She was the goddess and all her minions flocked to be with her spawn.

I am her spawn.

I attribute most of my beliefs and wonders to her.


Library Closed

Robin Williams was a complex man; talented in the chameleon's arts, yet he still he could be down to earth. I appreciated his candor and most definitely his wit. There was a dark side to this man that I loved and hated.

He suffered, we all suffer.

In some ways I will miss him.

Be free...


Frantic Monkeys

I have no words. I have little inspiration left. What is left of me should be fine viewing on the funeral slab.

There is not a thought in my head that would sway me to think we (USA) are the good guys. None, zip, nada. I traded my white hat in long ago. This is what we have come to and I am neither ashamed, nor surprised by it. We are the evil and we don't even know it. I am sickened by it, but I am responsible.

I am sorry world.

We will kill you and salt your cities.

This is our way.


30 Plus Fucking Years

I have no more faith in you. I have an extreme amount of hope (mixed with fear) that we may survive.



There is such power in this "internet" world. I marvel at the knowledge available to me. I am also befuddled by the shear volume of resources; it makes me shudder. Trust and authenticity will bear the black marks as more and more deceptions are uploaded. Trust in a medium of such importance (and ultimately, impotence) will succumb us to a subservience that will make serfdom and slavery seem benign.

As with "police" powers I wonder who watches and I hunger for revolution. I await it with my dying gasp. May the fortunate know this, it was never about them. It was about equality and brother/sister-hood.

A simple rule betrayed by eons of corruption; a Golden Rule. Don't fuck with people unless you want to be fucked with.

A lesson not learned by our masters (see Philippines, Cuba, Guatemala, Iran, Vietnam, Chile, El Salvadore, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc...) This is just the modern list. We have been fucking with people since our inception. I won't even mention policies of genocide or slavery.

We are a happy/sad people in spite of this.

When do we stop? Can we stop? Is our nature so intwined with our past that this is what we are?


There is no place like home.
Try as I might I will probably never find it.
The wind is my ally and the earth is my foe.

Strikes against and for me.

Something in all of us makes me want to stay despite the fact I loathe our way.
I delude myself that we have hope, yet the fear of what seems to me is inevitable breathes life into me.

There is something in all of us that I have grown to love.
These are the people I love.


Photo: Silliness on Memorial Day

Be good to each other.
This is golden.


1 Percent

Pathetic beings have no place in the Grand World.
Servants may be desired, but they can be had.
This is our day and we will not ruin it with talk of decay.

Money is the prime mover.
Money is our prophet.
Money is profit.

I saw a bird and it flew.
It was so beautiful.
I don't like insects or bugs.
I despise them.

Rid me of the things that are wrong.
Annihilate those things I don't like.

Minds are not of talking or stalking.
We have our ways.
Us and them
The way it is.
We will rule the world;


50 %

We don't give a fuck as long as we are making money off your sorry asses...



There is no truth.
There are little truths and these are what we are told to believe.
I believe in nothing.
Truth is is what it is.
Maybe, some things are what they seem.
Maybe, some things are not what they seem.
There is one intangible that is not of either.
Fact is a concept .
A truth we hold.
I believe in people.
I hold people above and beyond  law.
I will defend a person in spite of their prior beliefs.
This must comply with the golden rule.

The corruption that seeps through our pores is death.
The apathy we feel is poison.
No trouble.
No problem for the world.

We will be good peoples...


Crisis Crux

The losers need to know,
They have a chance.
Families break and splinter,
and Return in the eternal dance.

Lessened, yes, but whole,
This is the cycle we have been bred to.
One rises, one falls,
Another takes the baton, it's true.

Will we remember a time,
when we all rose.
Days pass and our backward eyes haze,
Squinting to see or disparaging of our survival throes.

The bottom is the top to some,
The middle muddies all.
Dream the realness of dread,
Be the one who doesn't fall.

You will forever be in debt,
Of ones who love you, but regret.
You as a set,
of little more than a fish in a net.


Tears Fall from Rocks

A new year dawns and this is the best there is.

There are much more terrible people in the world then you. There are no people I know better than you. I have hurt you at some point in our lives. This is probably the only universal rule I know. Forgiveness implies regret from both sides.

I regret I have never asked it of you.

I do this now.

Our humanity creates bonds which wither and break for no reason other than a spoken word uttered in haste or a deed done which is spurned. Sometimes I wish I was never born, but I heed the lessons of my own life and curse myself for even thinking this.

I have failed if I can't err. You can fail in my eyes and my judgment means naught. By sleeping and waking you prove this to be true.

The strongest bond we have is love and with this pact comes the ugly and the terrible. I have no faith in a higher power other than you.

I am sorry for all the hurt I have caused and will cause; it is my nature.

Bring your love to me and I will return the favor.

Always and forever...