Open, close, turn the knob. Where does the time go after entering or exiting? I am done watching. In the final analysis this is all moot. The "greatest country that ever was" is nothing more than a glorified Rome, Spain, France, England, et al... ad infinitum... I am no longer bothered by hypocrites who proclaim their superiority by projection, nor by puffy hullaballoos who make judgments by passing gas off with words they neither believe or understand. I will squander what is left of my existence on a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises...

My love for individuals will never cease. However, you group-minded hive clusters can go fuck yourselves. Bob's genius will never be understood. Ever... This feels like the end of something, yet I feel more of a beginning that is yet to be.

Starts, finishes, a loud noise. Where are my thoughts after I am done thinking? I am starting to think again that I am never done with thinking. Insanity looms on my horizon, yet I am so perfect it will kill me; or at the least you will kill me. Therein lies the crux. The bard knew. Deep down in the recesses of what is left of your right, you too acknowledge. et tu Brutus? I will not go quietly, yet my scream is primal. Drowned under a fury of hate and fear and greed and loathing that is what we have become.

My love will never be extinguished. My hate is nothing but a hole. an emptiness from which there is no escape. It has driven me thus. I was perfect at one time; now I am unaccptable. I know this and to me I exclaim a truth that will never be undaunted nor denied.

I Be...