The Scratching of Heads

I am happy.

Happiness is relative.

Economic fuck shit is still here.

Don't harbor your joy as complacency.

The meat has been fed to the masses and they will not allow anyone to be less miserable than themselves.

Blowback works in mysterious ways.

I await the inevitable.

as always...

Please be good to each other.

Remember what happens to good people.

Remember what this country is truly about.



I want to begin by saying that every chicken you fuck comes home to roost as a nightmare. The nightmares are different depending how you fucked the chicken, but the nightmares are real and they have teeth.

If you are a misanthrope than you have no bother with poultry. You have your agenda and fuck the rest of us. I have a beef with people I believe still have souls. They might be misbegotten ignorant souls, but they are souls. They generally wave funny flags (american or faux-confederate) and they are sincere. They believe something is wrong and they will listen to any idiot who tells them that they are right and they must be afraid.

I know these people well because they are just like the same people I grew up with who have said we should just get along because rocking the boat will get you NOWHERE. I have rocked what little I could of every boat I have been honored to serve on and The NOWHERE people were right. Keep your head down, pay your taxes, do your job and hope nobody notices you. This is the flag waving American way. This is the best way to success.

Do you see this flag? This is the official, bonafide, dyed-in-the-wool, realistic thing. This is the CONFEDERATE FLAG.

What all of us morons think is dubious at best. It begs the question of the intent of any symbol of hatred. Purists will tell you that the "battle flag" was the true heart of Dixie. I will not post a picture of the "battle flag" because it reminds me of evil. An evil that began over 400 years ago aboard Portuguese and Spanish ships. An evil that is perpetuated everyday in USA because of a right that is only proved through a wrong.

What happens in this country on a daily basis lessens us as humans. The ape man must be replaced by the "true" thinking" man or we will perish.

I learn one lesson over and over again. We must choose.


Business (as usual)

Here and overseas, the entire corporate universe is shot through with metastatic corruption and crime. It is an essential part of the business model almost everywhere, from Wall Street offices to the pitch at Wembley. (Pierce)

I stand in amazement.

I stand in utter amazement

I stand in the shitpile like everyone else.