Putting all your Eggs in the Handbasket to Hell

Another Sunday, Easter I think, I am enjoying the calm with my two best companions. The conversation is light and they seem to be more interested in the dinner I prepared, so I do most of the talking. They know me well and give a contributory grunt or nod to my soliloguy during the correct parts so I know they are listening. I love these two and can think of no better way to spend an afternoon than in their company. Thank you my friends, without you I am diminished.
Here's to more Sundays spent in the company of those I love. My Dachsund and JRT are very special and they give their love and trust unconditionally.


Boysenberry Jam

Struggling with many conflicting trends in my personal life. There is no turning back, yet I have to make a go of change. Took in a boarder and now I truly have lost my mind. He is a Gulf War veteran with PTSD and he is way beyond my help. I've counted four different behaviors and none know what responsibility is. I have become irresponsible, not because of him, but in spite of me. I have thrown in the towel. I'll write more when I have recovered some sensibility.


A Question of Balance

There are some jobs in this world that defy imagination and then there are some that are mandatory. There are some that create and others that destroy. Humans work to live. There are no artificial rules to living and the rules (behaviors) that we indeed impose upon ourselves are natural. Society attempts to imposes its will upon us in spite of our natural behavior. The need to codify our rules of living emerged because certain humans needed to preserve the artificial and at the same time needed to justify ignoring the natural. The natural was preserved in the "Golden Rule" and this last vestige of Truth is nothing more than a cheapened ideology which has been coerced by our modern religions, mocked by our economic systems and deadened by the hypocracy of politics.

"The philosphers have interpreted the world in many ways. What matters is changing it."

What has happened is that the natural is no longer inherent within us. We deify the artificial with false myth and immodest hope. Our faith in ourselves is crushed by the seeming immensity of the artificial while apathy and cynicism become our sole (soul) defense. Our charity is measured in bank notes and we can't fathom how or why we feel empty. If there is anyone in this country who is not embarrased and disgusted with our government in at least one of its functions (I really can't think of anything our political parties, especially the Republicans and the neoliberal Democrats, haven't tainted with their backslapping, backsliding back to a time that can never happen again tunnel vision view of a world that is dying.)

Our foreign policy (State) and military (Defense) our two prime examples of this phenomenom. Since when has war become the first option in our diplomacy. Since when are the intelligence branches of our defense department ignored and then belittled to propagandize a war that's only justifications are both too cynical to be spoken aloud because then the men and women who serve honorably in our armed forces would surely feel a bit resentful. Oil and/or global conflaglation are the only two logical explanations I can think of that even come close to rationalizing why the Executive branch unilaterally invaded Iraq and is presently sowing the seeds of war with Iran. We are governed by a cabal of thieves, murderers and liars who have no conscience and, based upon the last six years, no critical thinking skills beyond repetition, no desire to change or admit error.

There is no balance. I'm beginning to question if there ever was. We are not the wonderful democracy loving people we are constantly being told we are. The American Myth is a trip to Disney's Fantasyland complete with marching dwarves, wicked witches and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride off the cliff of reason and into the depths of a Hades Storybookland of hypocracy, hate and selfish Imeminism. Truly, history is meaningless and any thoughtful discourse is ridiculed as we shop and shop and shop. I need to get away before I am translated into the Borg collective.

They truly exist...


Here Comes the Sun

I have never trusted Klingons and I never will. I was 11 when I saw true malevolence for the first time. It hid behind an American flag back then too. I saw pictures of him before I heard the death horn melody of his voice, and I knew he commanded an army of flying monkeys and that he hated with such a passion and energy that anytime I saw or heard him speak my spirit was diminished proportionately. I have never listened to a political speech since that time and will only read them or watch them on video in small snippets. I was learning German at the time and, being 11, I had not fully grasped the nuances of this wonderfully robust language; to me his name meant NO!!!

Yeah, yeah, how wonderfully prescient I was at 11. Hell, before I was ten I knew that lying was a condition of state authority. I accepted it and I've never looked back. Richard Milhaus Nixon (again, what's with the German middle name--early Ebon translation = "bad house.") Forgive me for mixing "bad" Spanish in with my limited grasp of German, but damn it people, you elected a criminal as president of the US and all the signs were there for me to see. However, there was one slight problem; I still had to dine at the kiddie table.
So, when this criminal resigns in disgrace to avoid impeachment and is then pardoned I can say without remorse or glee that the wisdom of the founders was taken for a ride and summarily "rubbed out" of existence through an arrogantly blissful ignorance that replaced an already misplaced exceptionalism with the typical zombie thug we admire/loathe as a Republican today.
I have nothing but comtempt for Republicans and see NO redeeming quality whatsoever in this mob. I truly can't remember a time when I didn't despise them.
I am a watcher and the only outcome for US is the dust bin of history if we are lucky. The alternative is extinction because Republicans are myopic. Their world view hinges on the hording of power. Fear and greed is their mantra. Their destruction of everything is innate and they will not go quietly; they will take this planet with them if they can.
Willful ignorance and superstition has supplanted the science of The Enlightenment for them and they wear the shadows of darkness with a pride that truly sickens and saddens me. Debate is treason to these arrogant thugs and logic is countered with the fist of the righteous and the lies of the loudest. The planet is breaking and humans have reached a point in their evolution where there can be only one solution. The Cave Man must be eliminated completely because compromise is not an option for them, it is a "rearguard" strategy that allows them to regroup. We are at this point now. If we the people succumb to this ploy and allow them to feign sincerity and falsely use our belief structures and goodness to survive they will mutate into the authoritarian overlords we have always known them to be.

To use Western US parlance, "it is high noon and the showdown is about to commence."