The Last Supper

Another fish head in the dust bin
Another loser in the cue for the soup kitchen
Another reason for a visit
We think you better come down
Another nigger on the wood pile
Another honky on the dole
Another trip from off the 15th floor

The greatest story ever told
Was so wrong
So wrong

Cause you promised milk and honey
And an everlasting life
But we listened with our ears closed
And a blindness in our eyes

But we heard them as they nailed you
And we saw you crucified

The second coming of the holy ghost
We need a pocket full of miracles
2,000 years and he ain't shown yet
We kept his seat warm and the table set

The second sitting for the Last Supper

Another guru in the money
Another mantra in the mail
An easy way from rags to riches
God's little acre's up for sale
The time is right for resurrection
We think you better come down
The church don't ring with Hallelujahs!

10cc The Original Soundtrack


The Story in Your Eyes

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