This is not what it seems...

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A person believes they are right because of what other people tell him/her. I believe most people can think for themselves and understand truth. Most of us have listened to crap and swallowed it whole. This doesn't mean we are idiots, it just means we trusted the wrong people.

Who will help you? Can it be the same people who just fucked you over for the last 40 years? Can it be a person or a party who gave up on you because your work was meaningless or too expensive? This is sadness beyond redemption.

Leadership in the US has been corrupted to its very core. When I questioned my Civics teacher in HS about the effect lobbying had on this subject he told me that the "checks and balances" written into the Constitution would take care of it. This was in 1973 and I watched in amazement how lobbying became synonymous with bribery and nobody cared.

This is what we are.

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